A Handy Guide To Enjoy The “New” Boracay

A Handy Guide To Enjoy The “New” Boracay
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A Handy Guide To Enjoy The “New” Boracay
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Of the many islands in the Philippines, Boracay is the one that truly stands out. Much more when it faced its biggest challenge — its six months closure last year. After welcoming tourists from around the world for over three decades, it was the first time that visitors were not allowed to enter this little paradise. With its popularity, it has made rounds on the international scene landing on various international media pages. The world followed its rehabilitation journey.

Yet, out of all the destinations in the country, this little island of only over 1,000 remained extraordinary. The closure may have been hard but the community – from business owners, workers and residents made their sacrifice for the island. Four months after its reopening last October, Boracay is slowly gaining its reputation as the crown jewel of Philippine tourism. Local and foreign tourists started to flock as soon as it opened its door.

With its reopening, however, comes the bigger challenge. It’s sustainability. So though Boracay is already open for tourists, some rules to sustain the changes have been made.   

If you’re already planning your summer outing this year, here’s a handy guide you can check to enjoy the “new” Boracay.

  • Remember The Tourist Cap

To ensure that the number of tourists is within the carrying capacity of the island, only a limited number of people are allowed here. Don’t fret yet since you can still be within the allowed figure. After a rigorous study, it was decided that only 6,405 tourists could enter the island each day. Given the minimum number of their stay, at least 19,000 of tourists are likewise allowed to stay at any given time. According to the local tourism department, the current average is only 5,000 tourists per day. However, it can spike up this coming summer season.

  • Book Your Hotel Early  

Tourists visiting Boracay are now also required to have their hotel bookings in advance. This is to make sure that they will stay at compliant accommodation establishments in Boracay. Upon arriving at the port in Caticlan, tourists must present their hotel reservation slips before they are allowed to go to the island. Also, make sure to have a printed copy of the document since it is required at the port. For those staying with a host or relatives, they will need to show the identification card of their host.

When you arrived in Boracay, you should also keep in mind that its rehabilitation is still ongoing. You will surely notice the wider roads from the port. However, there are still portions along the main road from D’Mall to Station 1 that are still under construction. Be a little more patient since it’s for a better Boracay.

  • No Wild Beach Parties Anymore

Since last year, Laboracay parties held during the Labor Day week has already been stopped. Wild beach parties and dining by the beach are no longer allowed after the reopening. But guest can still throw parties at the premise of their hotel. Smoking and drinking of alcoholic drinks along the beach are also strictly prohibited.

  • Limitations On The Beach

If you’ve been to Boracay before, you will no longer see beach beds or any structures along the 25+5 easement of the White Beach or in any other beaches of the island. You can still enjoy it if your hotel has a wider beachfront area that is not within the easement. You can also expect wider beach areas and also more people lying with their sarong or banig (handwoven mats).

There will be no more annoying hawkers too. They are already not allowed to move around the beach. Booking for water sports activities, souvenir shops as well as the massage therapist and hair braiders already have their certain spots where you can go. Fire dancers using kerosene are also now prohibited at the beach. Sand castle making is also regulated.  Of course, littering anywhere is also strictly prohibited with corresponding penalties. To ensure that everyone is well informed, several signages with all the rules and regulations of the island are positioned in various areas.

  • Choose A New Place To Stay

With a lot of new things happening on the island, it is also just apt that you discover the newest place in the quiet part of Station 1 — the Pinnacle Resort & Villas Boracay. The resort offers a tranquil vibe with a lot of open spaces for its guest. The resort has 91 rooms divided as deluxe, superior and the family villas. They likewise have the presidential and premiere suites both offering a great view of the White Beach.  The resort has its own private path to the beach which is just two minutes away. Each of their rooms has comfortable and ergonomically-designed amenities perfect for a splendid vacation with your loved ones.

Now that you have all the essential information you need, don’t wait anymore and book your stay at Pinnacle Resort & Villas Boracay and enjoy the new Boracay!