December Boracay Beach Weddings: Pros and Cons of Getting Married In Boracay On December

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October 5, 2021
Aaron Lowel Santomin
December Boracay Beach Weddings. What are the advantages? (Image credit: Freepik)

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December is the time for reminiscing the past year and start preparing in embracing the new year to come. It is also the perfect time to travel in Boracay and spend time with your family or friends. Certainly, it is such an exciting month. The streets are merry, bright colors and decorations are fluttering wildly, and the air is filled with the scents of vacation and travel. What better way to spend a festive month than unifying and commemorating a couple’s conviction to each other? For couples considering to have their nuptials in Boracay during the holiday season, read on to know about the pros and cons of having a December Beach Weddings in Boracay.

Wedding + Boracay = Best?

A wedding should be unforgettable. It is one of the best memories that couples will create and share as they embark on the esoteric journey in which we refer to as life. Doing a beach matrimony is one thing to make it extra special. When the beach is mentioned in the conversation, Boracay will never be out of the equation. What makes Boracay Island the best venue for a seashore marriage ceremony? Here is the list of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing to do a union ceremony on the island.

December Boracay Weddings: Advantages

1) Unmatched Scenery

Pinnacle Resort & Villas 140 meters meter Boardwalk is perfect for your long train.
Pinnacle Resort & Villas 140 meters meter Boardwalk is perfect for your long train. (Image credit: Pinnacle Boracay)

Because of its natural wonders, Boracay is consistently hailed as one the best tourist islands, both for local and international travelers. Despite going hundreds of miles around the world, the stunning terrain and landscapes of Boracay are worth seeing. A bethroed couple’s dream of marrying in this natural setting has come true.

No words can sum all the beauty that the island possesses. The clear sea water of Boracay is out of this world. The velvety sand of the front White Beach is among the finest that people will lay their eyes on. The hidden coves and location will make everyone believe in Mother Nature’s blessing. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Island of Boracay is a place that you will never forget.

Therefore, this makes it the perfect wedding venue and is the most fitting introduction to the start of a newlywed’s fulfilling life. Every moment will be worth remembering and every second is worth capturing. Your December Boracay beach wedding will be the most unforgettable event and will be the talk of your family and friends for years to come.

2) Capturing Boracay at its Finest

The month of December is classified as the peak travel season of the isle. Thousands of tourists race over to get a chance to stay at the tropical bonanza. During this time, the typhoon season of the country has come to an end. The weather during the special day indeed is one of the most important aspects to consider in having your wedding ceremony at the beach area. The good news is that the Boracay weather in December has become much more stable than the months before. So, one less thing for the partners to worry about.

Moreover, the flora and fauna of Boracay Island completely flourish during this period. It will be an amazing experience to have a prenuptial with colorful flowers and blossoms. Due to the seasonal availability, the flowers section of the expense line will be cheaper and more affordable.

3) Full Access to Wedding Extravaganza

As the weather sides with the haven, different options and choices for the marrying couples open alongside it. The pair will not be constrained to have an indoor wedding because the outdoors is theirs to conquer. Nuptials by the smooth sand, splashing waves, and golden sunset are truly worthy of consideration. A customized boat can also be ordered to sail as mighty as their love. Imagine elegant fabric fervently swaying along with the wind. Flashing lights of endearment as the sun goes to sleep. Ballad band constantly playing the music of devotion. The list goes on and on. The possibilities of a seashore marriage are limitless when you choose Boracay Island to be the witness of your eternal adoration.

4) The Add-ons of Bonus Decorations

The jolly rush of the aforementioned month is something that everyone looks forward to regardless of age. The holiday decorations of Boracay’s markets, cafes, restaurants, and resort hotels add to the excitement of tying the knot. Vibrant streets, merry people, and busy crowds will make the couple feel like everyone is participating and anticipating their wedding union. No other time of the year than December is perfect for couples to have their dream Boracay wedding.

There will also be a lot of holiday discounts and freebies to look forward to. Last-minute wedding shopping will never be as fun and exciting as doing stressful haul in the city. When looking for dresses and clothes, store owners will be willing to bargain a reasonable price for the essentials.

5) Flexible Dress Code Varieties

Because the ambiance is pleasant and tranquil, everyone’s apparel and outfits can lean toward casual and soft fabrics so that everyone can walk around easily. This is to ensure that visitors are comfortable and have a great experience throughout the nuptial. Females also do not need to wear high heels so they can stroll on the sandy beach easily and have the opportunity to party to their heart’s content.

However, if the pair still want to pursue the elegant and formal theme, Boracay’s weather will not interfere with your decision. The seasonal cold breeze of December is a lifesaver of outfit comfortability. Every concept and trope will go well with the divine beauty that the sanctuary brings. Another less thing to bother with as the marrying duo will never have a hard time appropriating fits and clothes.

6) Honeymoon Activities and Duration

Having a Boracay beach espousal is hitting two birds in one stone. First, Boracay is an undeniably thrilling venue of matrimony. Second, the island is already a wholesome place where the husband, wife, or even the guest can have a vacation. There are endless picks of what to do on the island of Boracay. Whether you fancy invigorating sports or an electrifying party, Boracay in Malay, Aklan will surely hit the sweet spot. The couple can enjoy the scenery or they can start planning for their future at the company of their closest family and loved ones.

One more thing, it is during December so placing it near the Christmas vacation will ensure that the sensational experience will last a couple of weeks. More staying days means more moments to share with.

December Boracay Weddings: Disadvantages

1) Peak Season

Peak season can serve as evidence that you have chosen the right month to wed as other couples compete to have their slot. Yet, for those people who value privacy and sanctity, a wedding in December could be seen as a downside. Curious tourists might try to sneak a peek at your ceremony and watch the event. People walking back and forth around the beach might also be distracting for the guests.

As there are also a ton of tourists and travelers getting excited, noise from nowhere is not out of the picture. There may also be some events happening simultaneously nearby so bear this in mind while considering a beach wedding ceremony during December.

2) Marked-up Wedding Packages

December Boracay Beach Weddings Idea.Man and woman walking of body of water
December Boracay Beach Weddings Idea: Wedding in The Waters. (Image credit:

For tourists from the other parts of the world, a life union during December or winter may be a little untraditional. However, it is the opposite in the haven as Boracay’s season can be classified as the season of wedlocks. Many aspirants take a liking to the various advantages of foreshore marriage in the Philippines.

Due to this instance, the demand for packages and staff to take care of the ceremony is aplenty. The rise in the price of these bundles follows as the wedding coordinators are having a hard time taking care of it all. This can be prevented by booking and pre-scheduling months before, even years prior. Even so, it is understandable that not everyone may have the luxury of time.

3) Clashing Dates with the Holidays

Everyone has plans to spend the last month of the year as fun as possible. In any case that they have other commitments, people will put their vacations ahead of your big day. Their priorities may be divided. Worst case possible, they won’t be able to come. Furthermore, your matrimony date will continue to conflict with these festivities year after year.

4) Venue Competitions

It has been noted that wedding services have a history of higher mark-up during these times. This is also true for the matrimony locations. The best ones which are the closest to the best beach will be sought after. Couples will bid a huge amount of money just to have their nuptial ceremony at the paradise. The ones with the least budget will be left with unwanted dates or times.

5) Guest’s Circumstances

Boracay is a hidden gem of an island. To get to the islets, guests must take a trip on a ferry or plane. It necessitates hours of ocean and air travel, which may be a laborious undertaking for many event attendees. Invitees may opt to fly but it is much costlier than traveling by sea.

Taking a ferry may not be the best option for people with toddlers or those in their older years. Not everyone has the time or financial means to travel across nations or oceans to attend your wedding event. There will always be a trade-off of money and time when Boracay is included in the equation. Some rejections and refusals should be something that the couple needs to prepare to hear.

A Love Island

Regardless if you’d want to pursue your marriage on the island, one thing will remain constant. Boracay Island is a place that you should visit even once in your life. This makes Boracay the idyllic location for December Weddings. It is still one of the greatest travel locations that will make you fall in love every single time, a perfect spot for a perfect demonstration of new beginnings and hopes for couples reuniting in marriage.

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