All The Reasons Why Pinnacle Resort and Villas Should Be Your Go-To Resort in Boracay

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March 14, 2019

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After quite a long hiatus last year, Boracay is now back to its glorious days. It’s also again on the list of the world’s best islands. Surely, you can never have enough of Boracay! A one-time visit will not suffice your thirst for the tropics. Get to know more about Pinnacle Resort & Villas and prepare to fall in love all over again.

With its comeback in the limelight, a brand new place has opened its door to the visitors of the island. Though new, Pinnacle Resort & Villas strategically located in the quiet northern part of White Beach is a total charmer. Whether you’re away on business or pleasure, the resort is a perfect go-to place when on the island.

Pinnacle Resort & Villas Island Resort Hotel in Boracay
Pinnacle Resort & Villas Poolside View

Here’s why people are raving about Pinnacle Resort & Villas in Boracay:

Spacious Rooms

Pinnacle Resort & Villas has 91 new, modern and stylish all-suite rooms you can choose from. In each of their rooms, there are ample spaces to spread out.

Interior of the Superior Rooms in Pinnacle Resort & Villas in Boracay Island
One of the Superior Rooms in Pinnacle Resort & Villas

The Superior Suite with an area of 22-35 sq is already their smallest. But with an area this big, you cannot even consider this small. It’s ideal for busy professionals who want to recharge with some salty air. Their Deluxe Suite is a little bigger with an area of 26-40 sq. Each room is fully furnished with handpicked furniture and luxury en suite facilities.

Interior of the Deluxe Rooms in Pinnacle Boracay
The Deluxe Room in Pinnacle Resort & Villas

If you prefer more space with a balcony view, you may choose their Premiere Suite. This room has a bedroom and a balcony overlooking the tranquil waters of White Beach.  This room has an area of 35-45 sq with a lot of spaces you can laze around.

Interior of the Premiere Suite in Pinnacle Resort & Villas in Boracay Island
The Premiere Suite in Pinnacle Resort & VIllas

For bigger groups, opt for their Presidential and Family suites with areas ranging from 80-sq to 100sq. The rooms are designed to fit a group of more than four people. The Presidential Suite offers a view of the beach while the Family Suite has a spacious living room area perfect for those intimate moments with your loved ones and friends.

Interior of the Presidential Suite in Pinnacle Resort & Villas in Boracay Island
The Presidential Suite in Pinnacle Resort & Villas

More than just providing a lot of spaces, each suite has comfortable and ergonomically designed amenities perfect for a splendid vacation.

Pinnacle Resort & Villas: Tranquil Splendour

While the island is known as a busy destination, Pinnacle Resort & Villas Boracay exudes tranquillity. The resort offers a lot of open spaces where guests can take a breather from the hustle and bustle of the island and its crowded beaches.

The 140-meters Boardwalk covered in trailing leaves at Pinnacle Boracay
The 140-meters Boardwalk of Pinnacle Resort & Villas

Upon entry to the resort, you will first notice the well-curated green pathway to the resort’s lobby. You will then be welcomed in a spacious lobby with a circular design worthy of posting in your Instagram account. From there, you will see the new buildings of the resort and its very inviting infinity pool. The color of the pool perfectly blends with the blue sky at midday.

The xtended shallow pool you can lounge on at Pinnacle Resort & Villas in Boracay Island
Lounge at the Baja Pool in Pinnacle Resort & Villas

Just near the pool area is the expansive dining area of the resort. Also on the same spot is where their in-house specialty restaurant will soon rise.

The resort also has its own exclusive pathway leading to and from White Beach. In just two minutes, you can easily see and experience the vibrant beach life of the island.

Most-Friendly Staff

More than just its physical beauty and vibe, what makes Pinnacle Resort & Villas stand out from the rest is its people. You can certainly feel the Filipino hospitality at its finest the moment you step into the property.

Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by their courteous and accommodating staff. Our favorite gesture is the bracelet given by the resort’s smiling staff upon your check-in. You can certainly feel like a true islander with that.

You also get ample hellos and greetings whether you are walking in the hallway, having your breakfast, or lazing near the pool area. There is always someone willing to lend a hand and answer any of your requests.

With so many options to choose from, finding a place to stay in Boracay is not a walk in the park.

With its perfect blend of spacious rooms, tranquil environment, and warm people, Pinnacle Resort & Villas is an ideal choice. All you have to think of is how to make the most of your vacation.

Heading off to Boracay? Check out our highly recommended accommodation package, perfect for new and returning island tourists:

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Premiere Room

A spacious and bright 35-45 sq private villa thoughtfully designed for the perfect island getaway in Boracay. Conducive for a group of young professionals looking for a quiet and serene space to themselves.

Pinnacle Resort & Villas

Premiere Room

Family Suite

A spacious and bright 35-45 sq private villa thoughtfully designed for the perfect island getaway in Boracay. Conducive for a group of young professionals looking for a quiet and serene space to themselves.

Pinnacle Resort & Villas

Family Suite

Pinnacle Suite

Wake in comfort and luxury to a stunning view of Boat Station 1 White Beach. This 80-sq private villa comes complete with 4-star amenities for the VIP guest.

Pinnacle Resort & Villas

Pinnacle Suite

Deluxe Room

There is ample space to spread out in this 22-35 sq villa. The Superior suite highlights luxury and functionality in an ergonomically-designed private space.

Pinnacle Resort & Villas

Deluxe Room

Superior Room

A unique and comfortable villa complete with a balcony overlooking the sea. Fully-furnished with 4-star amenities to ensure an executive-class stay throughout.

Pinnacle Resort & Villas

Superior Room

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