5 Reasons Boracay Is The Perfect Travel Destination (And 5 Ways It Is Bad)

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September 14, 2021
Aaron Lowel Santomin

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Boracay Island is famous both locally and internationally because of its velvety white sand, world-class hotels, and picturesque landscape. It has been crowned by reputable travel magazines like Conde Nast and Time Magazine as the Best Island of the World in the year 2016. That just proves how it can compete with other well-known tourist spots around the globe. There are many other countless reasons why to include Boracay at the top of one’s bucket list. However, there are also a few disadvantages. To help you weigh the benefits, read below for our pros and cons of why Boracay is the perfect travel destination to help balance things out for anxious adventurers.

What Makes Boracay the Perfect Vacation Destination?

Senior Citizens dancing at the velvety white sands
Senior Citizens dancing at the velvety white sands. (Image credit: iStock)

1) Stunning and Extraordinary White Sand Beaches

Boracay is a sanctuary that is prominently known worldwide because of its perfectly fine white sand and azure blue waters. This is the primary reason why it is has become a huge hit among travelers and adventure seekers. The experience is never complete if you have not tried seeing the breathtaking landscape that it proudly showcases. Every beach area on the island gives a sense of variety that can make you realize that you will never have enough of it. Vacationers who had the pleasure to take their time in paradise has their own story to share about their happy memories in the shoreline.

Experiencing the pleasure of swimming in the cold and clear water under the bright sun is greeted by the feeling of ecstasy. Walking to the shore is like setting afoot to the clouds as the cool breeze of the tropic welcomes you. Every traveler will surely appreciate the sweeping landscapes unique to Boracay, as well as the Philippines. All the stress and pressures you accumulated will softly evaporate as you watch the hypnotizing waves meets with the sand.

Front White Beach, Puka Shell Beach, Tambisaan Beach, Balinghai Beach, and Diniwid Beach are just a few of the noteworthy sites out of the 17 beaches in Boracay that you should look forward to. Each of the beaches mentioned possesses a natural and exquisite landmark that will forever leave a mark on each of the sightseer’s hearts.

2) Mouthwatering Foods and Local Cuisine

In general, the Philippines is home to flourishing flora and fauna. This alone makes Boracay the perfect destination for travel. The island is enough evidence of this statement. Because of the bounties of nature, Boracay has access to the freshest ingredients that complete the interesting culinary palate of the region.

Once you have set foot on the island, the wide array of culinary meals that you have never tried before will make you crave for more. The locals are proud of its fresh daily seafood selection. The preparations and dishes are muy-bien (very good in Spanish) so seafood-loving tourists will definitely have a picnic. One fascinating activity that you can do is buying a newly caught fish or shellfish then bringing it to a nearby restaurant for them to prepare it in front of you. Be amazed by the blades and fire of expert cooks to the extent that you may even forget your name.

Plates of seafood are not the only thing in store for vacationers. Try different local dishes that will knock you out of your senses. Some of the top Filipino dishes to try are balut, halo-halo, leche flan, and adobo. The sweet and savory delicacies of the region are to die for. Dried mangoes, piaya, cassava cake, daing, and tuyo are just a few of the must-try when visiting. The food packaging is fit for traveling so it can serve as a gift or souvenirs for friends or even as a late-night snack.

3) Day and Night Entertainment

Boredom is a term that is non-existent when you choose to travel to Boracay. Throughout the day, exciting activities are constantly waving without rest. There are endless options for different demographics. The only thing to do is to have fun and surrender to the exciting whims of the retreat.

During the day, water activities are the choice of tourists. The first thing to do is choose between underwater or above water activities. For the underwater picks, exploring the depths of the sea through snorkeling and scuba diving is popular. Wonder at the colorful and lively fishes at Boracay’s waters. The amusement is as high even at the surface. Try riding a jet ski or a banana boat to experience new thrills. Feel the rush of the gust with kite surfing and kiteboarding. If you have no spare cash for all these activities, enjoying oneself by the sea is absolutely free. If you are not a water person, hike to the mountains or explore the interesting cove formations scattered throughout the island.

The nighttime is as lively, if not more, than daytime. Boracay in the Philippines is world-famous for its vibrant and passionate nightlife. Have a couple of beers or cocktails and have some light conversation. For your party appetite, you can choose from a variety of bar stations with their specialty. Bar-hop to discover pubs and bars that are suited to your party animal spirit. These areas are what make Boracay a perfect travel destination for vacationers wishing to meet new people or just dance to the booming music.

4) Budget and Affordable Vacation: Food, Accommodation, Activities, Jobs

Guests are greeted with an airy, spacious lobby upon arrival at Pinnacle Boracay
Guests are greeted with an airy, spacious lobby upon arrival at Pinnacle Boracay. (Image credit: Pinnacle Boracay)

The majority of adventurers think of huge expenses and costs when looking for ideal vacation places to go to. Many choose to explore other travel sites that offer fewer thrills because of financial constraints. However, money is something that you should never worry about when in Boracay. Nowadays, many backpackers are picking the island because of its beauty and inexpensive travel antics. The foods are relatively cheaper than in any other place. There are also various budget-friendly hotels and lodgings available for tourists. However, the amenities are still commendable despite the low cost. Activities that one can do for free are abundant so affordability does not mean displeasure.

There are also job listings and offers in the vicinity so anyone can earn an extra to pay for their travels. Opportunities like being a photographer, lifeguard, chef, waiter, and many more are plentiful so there are options if you have the necessary skills and attributes. If there’s a will, there’s always a way to witness the sights of Boracay Island for free.

5) The Hospitality of the Locals

Filipino hospitality is one of the major things that makes Boracay a perfect travel destination. When tourists arrived, the first thing that will greet them is the warm smile of the locals. Filipinos, in general, are excellent for keeping their resilience and optimistic attitude. The people of Boracay will prove to every traveler that happiness is a choice. Pro tip: immerse to the life and culture of the locals to learn more about them. The people of Boracay gladly accept both local and foreign tourists and may even offer foods and stories as complimentary gifts.

Moreover, the second language of Filipinos is English so communicating will not be as challenging as any other place. As a result, you may easily connect with locals as well as other explorers and establish acquaintances that may even last a lifetime.

What Makes Boracay A Less Ideal Place As a Travel Destination?

1) Rainy and Typhoon Season

The region is not an invincible paradise throughout the entire year. The wettest period is from the month of May to September. There are various weather disturbances and the possibility of a typhoon is relatively high during these months. The weather and the state of the sea will determine the major activities that tourists will engage in on the island. The underwater activities, as well as island hopping, will not be possible during these circumstances as it can pose danger to tourists and their kids.

2) The Scale of the Island

Boracay Island is a small paradise. It encompasses a mere 3.96 sq miles of land. If a tourist will be exploring Boracay on foot or using a bicycle, it would take just less than a day of the walk to get back to the starting point. For those explorers who like to get more walking mileage, Boracay might not be the one.

3) Peak and Summer Crowd

During the peak season which is December to April, crowds of tourists flock to get a taste of paradise. The hotels and water activities are often fully booked. The price of the products and services available also goes in a rising direction because of increased demand from vacationers. Going to Boracay at its best season is a con for those who hate queueing or waiting for their turn in a line. More competition means tourists should wake up earlier and schedule their venture early on to get ahead of the masses. Ask your hotel for a private airport transfer for a less hassle way to reach your accommodation.

4) Irritating Sunburns

The Philippines is located near the equator. Being part of the Philippines, the island of Boracay also experiences dry, hot, and tropic climates. It is good news for those who want to bathe under the glory of the sun. However, exposing yourself too much can cause some irritations and burns to your skin. It might last up to a week and may limit the fun of the adventure because of constant itchiness and burn. You can easily, remedy this, however, with a doctor-prescribed sun lotion.

5) Regulations on Post-Pandemic Setting

Due to the global pandemic, the island adopted various regulations and guidelines for travelers who want to visit. Before you book a hotel, the local government of Malay is requiring visitors to submit documents that prove they are free of COVID-19 and eligible to travel. They also need to sign up for a QR code-based contact-tracing initiative that will monitor the entry and exit to different establishments. Wearing of face masks, face shields, and physical distancing are strictly implemented to prevent the spread of the disease. Therefore, it might be a little hassle for those who do not want to process paperwork.

Balancing the Pros and Cons

Overall, Boracay is a perfect island travel destination worthy of praise. The pros outbalance the cons big time. The sights and moments that tourists will experience are truly worth it. As you journey throughout Boracay, you will be able to appreciate the reasons why it carries the title as the best island for a tourist destination. At the end of the day, each travelers will be part of the huge archives of testimonials that cement the Boracay Island as a sight to truly behold.

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