Pinnacle Boracay Activity Guide: ISLAND HOPPING

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January 22, 2022
Aaron Lowel Santomin
Ready to go island hopping around Boracay? (Image credit: Klook)

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The Island of Boracay is such a classic. The simplicity and familiarity of its scenery are what make it appealing every single visit. This proves to be true with so many returning tourists exploring the magical and majestic waters of the Boracay Islands each year. The simple way of traversing the aquatic kingdom while enjoying the sunlight is the ideal fashion to go island hopping and explore the intricacy and the bounty blessed upon the archipelago of Boracay.

The Many Beaches of Boracay Is Worth Traveling For. (Image credit: Freepik)
The Many Beaches of Boracay Is Worth Traveling For. (Image credit: Freepik)

Boracay: What’s Waiting For You?

The little island of Boracay, which spans an area of roughly 11 square kilometers, is one of the Philippines’ most popular vacation spots. Tourists both from the country and abroad would foregather to experience an islander castaway’s life. The essential point is that Boracay is a tropical fantasy come true: its 17 beaches and coves are breathtaking. It is part of an archipelago – the Western Visayas Island Group – that provides excellent island-hopping options. Boracay Island is home to natural and some man-made attractions. Indeed, the best of both worlds.

When on the island, you can enjoy a variety of activities. The ventures range from casual relaxation vibe up to extremely thrilling rides towards the sea. Staying only on one beach will undoubtedly be never enough to get your fill of the haven offerings. It is a must to inspect the natural wonders of Boracay bestowed by Mother Nature. The most preferred and favored way of roaming and savoring the seascapes and land formations is through the island hopping activity.

What is Island Hopping?

Based on the name itself, island hopping is visiting different islands on a chain of a particular archipelagic region. This undertaking is popular with Boracay tourists and trippers who want to know more about the natural conditions and raw beauty of the Island.

With the marvel of Boracay, island hopping should definitely be at the top of every tourist and travelers’ bucket list. There is more to see than what people can ordinarily see at the surface level. Surprises and astonishment await everyone who has taken the challenge of knowing more about the isles surrounding Boracay.

How to Avail Island Hopping in Boracay?

Pinnacle Resort & Villas Boracay offers assistance to its guests who wish to go island hopping in Boracay. (Image credit: Pinnacle Boracay)

In every station, various travel agencies offer their service for aspiring explorers. Ask for recommendations from locals or even the island resort hotel you are staying from for assistance. However, if you do not have much time at your disposal, you can still get your reservation slot by seeking online reservations on the Internet. Legitimate sites that you can access include,,

How Much Is Boracay Island Hopping and What’s the Inclusion?

A particular boat, with size depending on the number of tourists, will be allotted for your company. Reservers can choose their preferred date of departure and arrival. For as low as Php900-1000, Boracay vacationers will have the opportunity to embark on a journey of relaxation by the beach, snorkeling, discovery of aquatic fauna, and more. Thus, if you come with a small group, you will be with other Boracay tourists. For groups of 25, a private boat will solely be for your company. A life vest is already part of every package option.

Expect additional fees from renting equipment used for different water activities. Also, there are packages for kayaking, helmet diving, and underwater tours where travelers will be given a chance for close encounters with the fish. More activities are available, so do not hesitate to ask for available ventures from your tour guide.

For convenience, part of the offer is a mouthwatering grilled buffet lunch of the region’s prized seafood and vegetable for the entire family or peers to munch.

Where is the Destination?

First Anchor: Crocodile Island

Unlike the scattered silhouettes of other islands, this one in Boracay resembles a crocodile, as its name indicates. Crocodile Island is about a 15-minute ferry ride from the harbor. The tour, however, will only offer you a distant picture of the island. Participants have 30 minutes to snorkel and meet the fish underwater as part of the schedule. Also, your guide will provide you with a slice of bread to scatter around in the water. Feeding the fish underwater is a fantastic experience that you should not miss.

Php 20 will be charged as part of the environmental protection fee, and snorkeling goggles with a breathing tube will be given. Because the snorkeling equipment is simply improvised, it is recommended that you bring your own.

Second Anchor: Crystal Cove

The Crystal Cove has a gentle appeal that will captivate the feelings of sightseers. Formerly, it was called Tigutian Island. The double-hectare land is sprouting with bountiful trees and green vegetation floating atop the clear turquoise Boracay seawater. It has passageways that lead to a picnic area for a quick snack, two massive caves, and a fine, white sand beach. There is also a mini-zoo that people of every age will enjoy exploring. The entrance fee is only Php200. A small fee for the excitement in store.

Third Anchor: Piknikan Island

Your guide will lead you to Piknikan Island after you’ve visited Crocodile Island and Crystal Cove, where you’ll have a delicious lunch with other guests. The island literally translates to “a place for a picnic” so be sure to take your fill. You won’t be able to get enough of the fresh-caught fish, shrimp, and crabs served with fruits and vegetables on the side — a true tropical island bonanza.

Fourth Anchor: Puka White Beach

The Puka Beach area is included in the Boracay Island hopping itinerary. (Image credit: Reina Carla Angeles)
The Puka Beach area is included in the Boracay Island hopping itinerary. (Image credit: Reina Carla Angeles)

Puka beach is an excellent place to go if you want to spend some time alone and away from the crowds. That is why every island-exploration excursion concludes at Puka Beach. However, if you’re not a great swimmer, stay close to the beach; the water gets deep quickly, and the current is powerful. Explore the sandbar on the beach that features bright and intricate designs on the corals, stones, and shells. In fact, unique puka shell bracelets and souvenirs are available from the beach merchants. These handcrafted items are limited and are not sold on the mainland so prepare to shell out some souvenir money, pun intended.

What’s the Entire Process?

The process is pretty straightforward. At 9 AM, they will pick you up from your resort hotel to the designated site. Then you will travel to the itineraries above for a given span of time. The Boracay island hopping group will rest for lunch as the clock ticks to 12:30 PM. Afterward, you will proceed to the latter half of the tour locations. At 3 PM, you will travel back to the activity site and then ride back to D’Mall.

Useful Reminders

  • Bring your swimwear and also a change of clothes.
  • Apply sunscreen to prevent burns and irritations.
  • Pack up your own drinking water and snacks that you can eat while riding.
  • Bring litter containers for your snacks, so pack some portable trashcan or plastic bag.
  • Book early for your reservation at your tourist agency.
  • Expect that boats are shared, so prepare for company.
  • Buy waterproof bags for your gadgets and electronics.

Hop On To The Soonest Flight!

Start your year with a bang and pack up all your necessities. Go fly to Boracay or hop on that ferry. One thing is for sure regardless of the Boracay package you choose; you’ll experience a thrilling and comprehensive tour of the island’s natural wonders.

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