Handy Travel Tips For Backpackers Vacationing To Boracay

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August 10, 2021
Aaron Lowel Santomin
A young woman with a yoga mat backpacking on the sandy beach of Boracay (Image credit: Freepik)

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The world is now on its track to continue life after the pandemic. Everything is starting to turn back into the real normal. Prior to the Covid19 outbreak, people have been forced to be cooped up in their homes because of travel restrictions and the leisure of freedom has been stripped away. Now that traveling guidelines are easing up little by little, releasing all the pent-up negativity by traveling and having that much-awaited vacation is an activity that you should never disregard. The question is, where should you go? In terms of leisure relaxation and finest vacationing, Boracay should definitely be at the top of your list! Read on to learn some valuable travel tips for Boracay Backpackers that will help you save on cost and enjoy the island to the fullest.

Why does Boracay Stand Out?

You might have heard of a place called Boracay. It might have come up when talking to colleagues, or you might have seen it in a travel agency ads boasting to have the best travel experience. Mind you, it is not an exaggeration. Boracay is an island located in the Western Visayas segment of the Philippines. It possesses heavenly white sand beaches, magnificent sceneries, exciting activities, mouthwatering eats, and nightspots that can keep you up all night. Truly, you can never get it out of your system once you experience its wonders.

One can plan a trip to the Island of Boracay any time of the year. Most tourists, however, especially foreigners, prefer to visit during the dry season or months starting from November to April. It can be considered as the peak season since this is the period where travelers flock to try different water activities under the perfect sunny weather.

Why Choose Backpacking when Vacationing in Boracay?

By definition, backpacking is a type of traveling wherein travelers are carrying everything they need using a backpack. It is independent and low-cost compared to conventional trekking that is usually guided and very expensive. Nowadays, it is very popular among tourists because of its perks and benefits.

If you are visiting Boracay Island from other parts of the Philippines, you can go by ferry or by plane. If outside the Philippines, booking an airplane ticket is a must as it includes a flight or transfer flights. Once you are in the vicinity of the island, it will be much easier as the main mode of transportation is by tricycle. You can also choose to be traditional and make use of your own feet. This is the reason why many tourists choose to travel and vacation in Boracay as backpackers. One can experience a lot more without hassling too much of what to do and just being in the moment with yourself and necessities. It is a joy to be immersed in the life and environment, to experience the locale, travel at a low cost, and undergo the escapade of your lifetime. Undeniably, a worthy way to spend your time in this haven. To save you some time thinking about your backpacking to the islets, here are some Boracay travel tips for backpackers that can maximize your enjoyment and mitigate unprecedented circumstances in your adventure.

Travel Tips for Local Boracay Backpackers

Living in urban areas makes one fed up with all the pollution and contamination in the air of the city. Therefore, it is a must to replenish your productivity and mental health by exposing yourselves to the gift of nature that you might be missing in your own home country.

Tip 1: Backpackers, bring only the necessities when traveling

People choose to go to Boracay to relax and spend time with family. Vacationing in Boracay will allow you to temporarily forget the pressures of your city life and live in the present. As a tripper, just bring the things that matter. Things like clothes, shoes, hygiene kits, and others that you certainly cannot live without. Forget about your deadlines because you only live once. The Island of Boracay is where you should never miss a single thing.

Tip 2: Save on fare by riding the ferry to go to the island

You cannot just save more from this alternative travel option if you are backpacking to Boracay; you can also feel the vibe of a real journey by the sea. For as low as P950, you can now travel to Boracay Island. Manage your expectation, however. If you want more luxurious sea travel, you can book a deluxe room for more privacy. Well, there are many booking options to choose from. Check out 2go’s page for more info.

Boracay Backpacker Travel Tip 3: Cut back on accommodation expenses by splitting the cost of the room with other tourists

The Family Suite, one of the big rooms in Pinnacle Boracay that can accommodate a group of Barkada or Families
A loft-type suite with an adjoining room, one of the accommodations offered in Pinnacle Resort & Villas

Finding a great place to stay on the island is part of the experience. Therefore, one should find a place that prioritizes comfortability and the well-being of the stayers. Trippers can cut back more money when sharing a room with other backpackers. Not just cost-effective, it is also a great way of making new travel buddies to make your trip extra fun. Many also offer free meals as an inclusion for your staying package. Just browse the Internet or download some apps that can help you choose the best rentals with the services and amenities that you are looking for. Browse HostelWorld, Agoda, Booking.com, and other sites!

Tip 4: Lessen the inconvenience by renting a bicycle

Loathing and suffering from the endless traffic in the city is a mark of a true Filipino. But, you need not worry because you will be experiencing a traffic-free environment in Boracay. There are many bike rentals shop around the island. Some hotels also have this package ready for anyone interested. Just by 2-3 hours of cycling, you will be able to go around the entire island. Feeling the fresh breeze of air is the best way to release the polluted air out of your system. Moreover, you can have a little bit of exercise to burn all those calories you gained by surrendering to your eating pleasures.

Tip 5: Try these activities that you can do for free

Paying to experience water activities on the island can be costly but swimming is not the only activity to look forward to. Instead of renting a banana boat or equipment for scuba diving, you can try island hopping or mountain hiking which is low to no cost.

Discover pristine beaches by island hopping and you will definitely be nourished by Vitamin “Sea”. See the abundant marine life lurking underwater and experience the thrill of the splashing waters. If you want to have some peace and good exercise, go and trek Mount Luho. It is the highest point on the island in the northern portion of Bocaray. Mesmerize your eyes with the panoramic view of the entire sanctuary.

Tip 6: Learn more about different things by socializing with your fellow tourists during the night

New York is not the only place that never sleeps as Boracay also boasts a lively and highly-spirited nightlife. Have a few drinks and do some casual talks. You can choose different stations of the bar for your party appetite. If you enjoy the booming noises and socializing with fellow travelers, try to go to pubs and bars in Station 1 and 2. These are popular spots for visitors looking for new friends to jive in the music.

Travel Tips for Boracay Foreign Backpackers

Prepare to experience new things when you choose to be a Boracay paradise explorer. Be ready to lay your eyes on things you have never seen before in other countries you visited. Let yourself go wild and achieve a fulfillment that you can never forget in your life and makes you crave for more.

Tip 1: Read about the guidelines and restrictions of the spot

As of this writing, we are still amid a pandemic so it is necessary to observe different protocols regulated on the island. Currently, travelers are required to have a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test to be eligible to travel. They must also submit a Health Declaration Form and wait for their Tourist QR Code which will be used throughout the trip. It may be tiring to hear but no good things come easy. For more information, check out this post from Philippine Airlines to learn more about the things you need to prepare before flying.

Tip 2: Book your plane tickets early to get the cheapest flights in the market

A flight to Boracay consists of some transfer flights to reach the destination. The international airport two hours from Boracay is the Kalibo International Airport. It has international flight access including flying from Cebu or Manila, Incheon in Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and others. Research and book early to grab the best offers that you can get.

Tip 3: Exchange your home currency to Philippine Peso in advance

As a traveler, you should know the value of your home currency compared to the Philippines. The rule of thumb is, 1USD is playing around P48-P50 as of this writing. Exchange your money beforehand in banks and airports before reaching Kalibo. This is because the exchange rate in Kalibo offers a lower rate than what you can get outside the island. If you have no other choice, there are many money changers around. Just look for the best deal for your money.

Tip 4: Learn the culture and life in Boracay by conversing with the locals

The Philippines, in general, is an amalgamation of different cultures around the world. Boracay is not an exception to that. Experiencing and immersing yourself in the culture and viewpoint of the residents will serve as a valuable insight into the uniqueness of Filipinos. Pinoys are widely popular for being generous and hospitable so expect that they will treat you right. Many will invite you over and let you eat a meal with their family. Some backpackers also developed lifelong connections between the local and is now a family. A handy travel tip for Boracay backpackers who are foreigners is to learn a dash of Filipino phrases to easily get along with the locals.

Boracay Backpackers Travel Tip 5: Save on food cost by trying out different local delicacies and street foods

There are endless varieties of foods that you can only find in the Philippines. It ranges from bizarre snacks like Balut which is a boiled fertilized egg embryo to mouth-watering finds like Halo-Halo which is a mixture of different fruits and sweetened toppings. Just walk around the streets and you will see a limitless line of inexpensive yet tasty foods that is certainly mouthwatering and addicting.

Tip 6: Pack up and use sunblock to protect yourself while enjoying the sparkling water under the glorious sun

A great travel tip for Boracay Backpacker is to bring a hat and sunglasses when lounging on the sandy beach.
A hat and pair of sunglasses are an additional way to protect yourself from the Boracay sun. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Enjoy the pristine white beaches under the perfect weather that Boracay can offer. As the Philippines is located near the equator, the climate is tropical. For many foreigners, having the blessing of the sun is a luxury available only a few months a year. In the Philippines, almost the entire year is under the sweat-inducing weather. Walk around the fine sand and fancy yourself a swim on the beach. Do not forget to use sunscreen lotions to prevent sunburns after exposing yourself to the heat. When thirsty, fresh fruit juice will quench your thirst and will cool your body to continue your sunbathing ritual

Tip 7: Look for affordable gifts and souvenirs by heading to the local marketplace

You need some memorabilia of your journey to paradise so it is only fitting to find unique souvenirs that will let you reminisce about the good time you had in this haven. There are different products for different types of people. There are personalized shirts and dresses with fantastic designs. You can also choose to buy puka shells and Capiz products at a very cheap price. If you want an edible selection, native dried mangoes and processed seafoods are top-notch!

Let’s GO!

Boracay is a one-of-a-kind gem. Your vacation will truly be worthwhile as you will feel how satisfying it is to indulge yourself in a tropical Utopia. The experiences that you accumulated parallels to treasures in a distant dream. Surely, you will be wishing to return once again as you cannot get enough of this Boracay. We hope you like these awesome travel tips for Boracay Backpackers. So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your things and book the trip of your lifetime now!

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