Helpful Travel Tips for Couples Going to Boracay

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August 17, 2021
Glenn Jereza
Couples enjoying their vacation on a sandy beach (Image credit: Freepik)

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As the Crown Jewel of Philippine Tourism, Boracay has always been on top of people’s list of holiday places to visit. Boracay’s tourist profile is all-embracing, from family holidaymakers, solo budget-conscious backpackers, eco-adventure sightseers, long-stay vacationists, the herd of vagabonds enjoying their gap year, the laid-back visitants, and of course, couples, mostly young lovers out to experience island life and make wonderful memories. All of them are drawn by an island just a little over ten square kilometers in size but a giant in the tourism industry with its famed white-sand beaches acknowledged as one of the ten best in the world. If you and your significant other plan to visit the famed island soon, read on for our handy Boracay Travel Tips for Couples to make the most out of your vacation.

Puka Beach: A serene beach spot, perfect for couples to reconnect.
Puka Beach: A serene beach spot, perfect for couples to reconnect.

Offering a feast for the senses, Boracay Island is an exotic, exciting destination for people in intimate relationships. Weddings, honeymoons, lovers’ escapades, you name it. Boracay is an ideal place for couples, with its idyllic beaches and coves, water activities galore, and a nightlife that can be pulsating with a chow and pub crawl or laid-back with a specially orchestrated dinner by the beach.

Where is Boracay?

Located 310 kilometers south of Manila, Boracay is just an hour’s flight away. The primary airport is Caticlan Airport, a domestic airport served by carriers flying to and from Manila and Cebu. Lovers who travel light can walk for about 10 minutes to Caticlan Jetty Port, gateway to the island paradise of Boracay. Foreign passengers fly to Kalibo International Airport with flights from Beijing and Shanghai in China, Seoul, and Busan in Korea, and Taipei in Taiwan. Kalibo’s airport also has domestic flights coming in from Manila and Cebu. Kalibo is just a little over an hour away by bus or van.

There are also ferries from Batangas City, some two hours from Manila, direct to Caticlan Jetty Port. From Caticlan jetty port, Boracay is around 15 minutes away by boat or ferry to Cagban Port. From Cagban Port on the island, you can take an eTrike to your hotel. Passengers with meet-and-greet arrangements with their accommodation providers are assisted by a hotel representative.

When Is The Best Time For a Couple’s Vacation In Boracay?

The best time for twosomes to experience Boracay is between November to April. Ideally, the first quarter of the year is best for couples because the weather then is more pleasant. More importantly, the horde of summer frolickers are still planning their jaunts, and travel costs, accommodations, even food are less expensive, except during the last two weeks of January when the Ati-atihan Festival is celebrated, culminating on the 3rd Sunday.

Thinking about it, husband and wife or LGBTQ life partners can almost visualize what happens in Boracay. Just you and your beau parasailing, gliding above the 7-kilometer white sand beach, looking into the horizon, together in an adventure not too many are a fan of, albeit afford. The possibilities are endless.

Here are our top pick travel tips for couples vacationing to Boracay.

Save on cost by planning your activities early

During the planning stage, couples should confirm flights, hotels, and tours as early as possible to take advantage of cheaper rates and possible early-bird discounts. Doing this early also enables you to put in special requests for your accommodation such as a room with the best view, based on their website and people’s reviews.

Secure and confirm your entry requirements

With the COVID-19 pandemic, double-check your entry requirements. Certain declarations of quarantine categories by the Government through the Inter-Agency Task Force on COVID-19 may affect your plans but airlines, hotels, and tour operators are very proactive, cordial, and accommodating, some allowing no fees on rebookings.

Prepare your documents for easy access

For the traveling duos, have your health and other travel requirements ready by putting them in a plastic envelope for easy access. Make sure you don’t forget to bring your test results; the consequences could prove not only expensive but disheartening.

Travel light

Boracay Travel Tips for Couples: As much as you can. travel light
A traveler with a piece of small luggage inside a hotel room. (Image credit: Adobe Stock)

Pack, bearing in mind that less is more, and opt to travel light. Bringing unnecessary items is one of the most common mistakes husbands and wives or partners are always guilty of. If you will be on the island for more than the usual three days/two nights, there are laundry shops that allow you to do it on your own or you can have your laundry picked up and delivered.

Keep your valuables secure

Before leaving for the airport, it is essential that you stash your wallet and other valuables in a belt bag or something similar, like a pouch you can wear under your upper garment. Remember, less is more, particularly when you love wearing jewelry. Second, have an alternate wallet where you put in just enough cash for your expected expenses and some extra. Should you fall prey to a pickpocket, it will not be a considerable loss, nor will it be a massive inconvenience.

Vacationing Couples, while in Boracay…

Know your hotel’s exit strategy

Once you get to your hotel room, familiarize yourself with the floor plan. Know where is the nearest Emergency Exit relative to your room. All travelers must do this and should not be ignored. In an emergency, we panic when we do not know where to go.

Make use of the hotel safe

See to it that you replenish your alternate wallet and store your money and other valuables in the hotel room safe. Bear in mind that it is always safer to use cash rather than plastic money.

Hotel staff are your best source of information

If you have questions about getting to a particular place of interest that you have not had answers from the internet, speak with the hotel staff, not necessarily the concierge. You can also ask the “men and women on the streets” and affirm that people in Boracay are friendly and pleased to be of help.

Things to do for a two-some in Boracay

The beach awaits, but first, satiate yourselves. The first stop is gastronomic. A list of Boracay Travel Tips for Couples is not complete without some shoutout for the foodie adventurers. With a wide array to choose from, take your pick from international to local cuisine, elegant establishments, or stalls where people wait in line. The queue is usually indicative of the quality of food in the establishment.

Popular international cuisine is usually prepared by a native of a particular food destination who married a local. These inter-marriages add to the charm and the culinary adventure that is Boracay.

Bring your own water bottles

Bottled water is your best friend, and insist on opening your beverages yourselves. Someone can drop a pill and you are done. Lovey Dovey’s can ill afford to have the runs and its consequences. It is always better to be safe than having an unwanted affair with the john.

Tour the island along with others

Unless you prefer a personalized tour, there are group tours with multiple options for a variety of activities. What you need to bear in mind is to pace yourself. Opt for a leisurely way of exploring the island. Doing so might result in seeing less, but bouncing from one place to another in great haste does not leave ample space for enjoyment. Take your time to savor the memories you will associate with Boracay or the activities you engage in.

Try some of the lesser known activities

Couples who do not scuba dive can opt to traipse on the ocean floor with a Helmet Dive adventure. A stand-up paddleboard is also an interesting activity. Or perhaps a sightseeing tour aboard a helicopter?

Get yourselves a couples’ spa

There are a host of spas to choose from, each with different features and services. You can even have an in-room massage if you are not in the mood to step out of your hotel room.

Enjoy a romantic dinner by the beach

A Travel Tips for Couples going to Boracay is not complete without a food affair. Cap your experience with a romantic sunset cruise dinner by the beach and then a stroll along the water’s edge in a dreamy prelude to heightened intimacy.

Explore the different beaches of Boracay

One of the must-do for lovers is an island-and-beach-hopping tour where you can explore the different beaches on the island as well as the other islands in the area, including the mainland where you need to overcome your fear of diving straight out of a cliff.

Boracay’s beaches are unique with their coral sands that never become hot even at high noon. A word of caution about very revealing beachwear. There were instances when tourists, clad in very revealing swimwear, shocked the locals and were subsequently invited to the police station for alarm and scandal. Bear in mind that the Philippines is cosmopolitan but still conservative and modesty is a valued virtue.

Should you be in Boracay during the Monsoon season, the beach is usually daunting with rain, strong winds, and big waves. To enjoy the island despite the weather, check out Ilig-Iligan beach on the other side of the island. The water here remains calm during the monsoon. You can hire an eTrike to get there, and just to be sure, make arrangements for a pick-up as well.

Check out Boracay’s night life

At night, Boracay transforms into a party place famous for its pub and chow crawl. You can converse and watch people pass by as you cuddle in your little spot.

To wrap it up

Boracay has metamorphosed from a barely inhabited island to one that is a beehive of activities with a pulsating nightlife. The island’s rise to fame is premised on its natural beauty but had considerable help from the movie “Too Late The Hero” which was shot on the island starring Michael Cane, one of the lead stars, and gave a Puka Shell necklace to Elizabeth Taylor to much fare.

Attracted to its charms like the proverbial moth to a flame, celebrities flock to Boracay. It should come as no surprise when you spot famous personalities trying to avoid being noticed while they enjoy paradise. The travel bug stings — Boracay beckons as an adventure to be experienced.

We hope you enjoy these amazing Boracay Travel Tips for Couples like you. Share this with someone you know.

Enjoy your Boracay wanderlust, lovebirds!

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