Island Resort Hotel Checklist For Wary Vacationers

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August 4, 2021
Aaron Lowel Santomin
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Vacationing is about enjoying the attractions and as a cautious traveler coming fresh from the pandemic, allowing time to decide on what island resort hotel to choose based on their offering is a good idea. Besides, being anxious about unprecedented circumstances and accidents when on a vacation can spoil the fun and essence of the travel.

It is better to be always ready rather than be sorry later. It is not an exaggeration to say that the lives of the tourists and travelers are at the hands of the establishment’s management. They are the ones in charge of minimizing risk and mobilizing initiatives. As a wary tourist, you may want to study the hotels that you will be staying in to ensure safety and comfort. Having excellent and attractive amenities is not enough to place the trust as it cannot save anyone during calamities.

Worrying about these kinds of a scenario is normal and to have fear is human. Nevertheless, the final decision is in the visitor’s hands. This just proves how this issue is of much importance. To give you some ideas, here is a definitive guide on what you have to look for when choosing an island resort hotel lodging for your next vacation.

An island resort traveler sitting on the sand as she watches the sun setting in the waters of Boracay
Watching the afternoon sun set at Boracay’s White Beach Front is a must-see. (Image credit: Reina Carla Angeles)

Island Resort Hotel After Pandemic Protocols

Traveling and relaxing on an amusing island resort hotel after all the stress brought by the pandemic is a much-needed activity. Nonetheless, the virus is still lurking around so it is necessary to observe precautions and protocols to ensure the safety of the visitors. One of the major factors in looking for an island hotel is their pandemic response and recognition of risks alongside the line of business.

Personal Protective Equipment Monitoring and Physical Distancing

First of all, the establishment should be adhering to the restrictions and guidelines set by the local government. This is important as this contributes to mitigating the threat of the virus. Currently, the Philippines government requires proper physical distancing and the use of a face mask and face shield when indoors. Therefore, the lodge’s management should be very careful in implementing the required 1 meter (3 feet) distance between their staff and also their visitors. They should be strict on the application of wearing masks as necessary protection against transmission and infection of the virus.

Pre-Check-In Evaluation

The island hotel should also have the essential materials in hygiene and sickness monitoring. Alcohol or hand sanitizers should always be ready at the entrance and in every area which requires physical interactions. Temperature checks upon entry should be the norm to classify if there will be a potential carrier of the sickness. The use of disinfectant on the baggage and luggage of their guests is a plus.

Contact Tracing

For easy tracking in case of contact to someone who has the virus, the administration should be doing the filing of contact tracing validation form for customers and employees alike. For places like Boracay Island, the local government unit has created an easier and efficient way of contract tracing. Every tourist needs to fill up an application form to receive a unique QR code that can serve as their pass in any establishment. Scanning the QR instead of writing on various paperwork is also a notable way to promote non-contact between parties.

Habitual Facility Sanitation

More than ever, the rooms where guests are staying should always undergo frequent sanitation. The aerosols and droplets produced by a person may linger in the air for hours. It is a constant threat for isolated spaces like a hotel room. So, the establishment should have regular sanitation hours to counteract the danger. Upon check-out of the guests, the rented space should undergo immediate cleaning and disinfection to prepare for the next visitors.

WTTC Safe Travels Stamp

To have more validation, the Department of Tourism replicated the #SafeTravels campaign implemented by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). This gives proven safe establishments and tourist spots a WTTC Safe Travels Stamp. To have this, all lodgings, island resorts, attractions, businesses must pass the strict global standard on safety and hygiene requirements. Always look for this stamp before booking a stay for a guaranteed safety mark.

Island Resort Hotel Fire Emergency Administration

Statistically, fires in hotels and motels make up to 1-2% of fire-related incidents annually. The risk of these incidents comes from stunted preparation of the establishments themselves. They have not been preparing for these accidents so when it happens, the lives of the guests and the Hotel properties are in jeopardy. To prevent your stay on a dangerous building, always make sure to check out for signs that indicate the readiness of the island resort hotel or inn on a blazing catastrophe.

Quantity of Fire Exits

Most important of all, multiple-floored hotels should have an appropriate number of emergency exits. A backup exit is important to have when the main passage has been blocked or obstructed by the fire. The exit should be easily accessed regardless of the location. The path should be cleared out to serve as an effective escape route. Every floor should have clear markings or signage that can be easily understood no matter the demographics of the travelers. It is advisable to have a floor plan or a map of the building that can be used as a guide to where the fire exit is located.

A photo of a disaster preparedness checklist and first aid kit
Travelers should be checking the Fire Safety codes of their chosen island hotel resort. (Image credit: Adobe Stock)

Presence of Early Warning Systems

Prevention will always be better than cure. So, early detection is the key to mitigating harm. The resort hotel should have installed warning systems such as smoke detectors and fire alarms to alert the visitors when a fire is happening. Make sure their systems are active and approved by their local fire protection unit. Having this type of system in place can save lives up to threefold.

Firefighting Equipment Procurement and Maintenaince

Next, the hotel management should also ensure that firefighting equipment is properly installed, promptly tested, and continuously maintained as it is a matter of importance in an event of a fire. Hotel employees should be informed of what to do with fire hazards, and at least one fire drill should be done per year to be safe.

Fire Safety Inspection Certificate

Lastly, the island resort lodgings should have properly complied with the standards of fire safety. Island hotels should have given a Fire Safety Inspection Certificate or its equivalent that certifies that their facility and structure have been thoroughly examined and found to have complied with the local or national Fire Code.

Island Resort Hotel Earthquake Codes

Earthquake is something that no one can predict even with the latest tech in geology. It is with the utmost importance to be adequately knowledgeable of the accompanying risk and procedures to prevent casualties. As an island hotel resort stayer, safety depends on the capacity of the facility to conduct examinations and have a thorough contingency plan of action.

Regular Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning

The management should be the one who knows the primary risks on the region or placement of the hotel. They should be able to identify the proneness and earthquake probability of the hotel’s location. Identifying areas that can double as an evacuation site is also necessary. Scheduling monthly occupational and safety meetings about earthquakes should be on the agenda. Just like in the fire, there should be an emergency exit that guests can go to after the first blow of the seismic activity. Make sure that the island hostels have earthquake marshals or appointed personnel that should lead the evacuation of the vacationers.

Openness on Geographical Hazards

The vacationists are often the ones that are more vulnerable because of not enough knowledge of the terrain and geography. Always go for hotels that will inform the guests about the hazards and how they prepare to mitigate those risks. This type of transparency in the industry is the one that should be trusted because they are capable of handling what is to come.

Certification for Earthquake Readiness and Safety

Furthermore, inquire if the island hotel resort has local guidelines that record buildings’ responses during an earthquake. This is important to know to make sure that the occupants of the establishments can be moved to safety. Only those who passed the risk assessment through tests and requirements shall have the certificate that certifies that they have the proper measures to counteract the effect of the earthquake. Ask for this certificate when inquiring about where to stay.

Island Resort Hotel Tsunami Preparation

The majority of hotels have built an emergency response system, particularly in the event of a fire. Consequently, preparing for a tsunami should be integrated into the present system. However, given the intricacy of the tsunami threat, it will still necessitate multiple adjustments and adaptations.

The Tsunami Ready program is a checklist divided into six areas, each with its own set of questions to answer and assess the current condition of tsunami preparedness. This framework is important in tsunami-prone countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and Singapore. It summarizes what to be wary of and what should be the standard in choosing a building to stay in the area with a huge body of water like an island hotel.

Information Detection and Effectiveness of Evacuation Initiatives

The first one to check is the information sourcing and interpretation of the establishment. It is the capacity to receive signals and warnings from the authority and to accurately use this information to act upon it. The next point is the evacuation procedures of the hotels. The following is the preparation of the hotel’s safe passage and sites. It includes the signs and visual cues that lead guests to safety.

External Relations and Cooperation to the Community

The connection of the administration to other stakeholders in the community is also worthy to take note of. Examine the external relation of the management to the local authorities. It is also proper to have the necessary cooperation with other businesses in the same field in the area. All of these are just the primary aspects to consider and each can have an adjustment to fit based on the hotel’s vision.

Tsunami Ready Accreditation

Now, it is easier to find Tsunami Ready places at the sightseer’s island destination. Just go to the website ( and click the desired country to find buildings that are safe from a tsunami.

Island Resort Hotel Basic Amenities

After threading with the safety features of the island hotel you are eyeing, next comes the basics: amenities. The outstanding service and facilities of your vacation location are what can make a difference in picking the best deals for your money.

WiFi/Internet Connection

In this age of connectivity and networking, an Internet connection is a must. Guests cannot afford not to go online into the digital dimension as it is their medium to connect to their work, life, family while on vacation. Check out the inn that has WiFi and offers high-speed Internet for guests because having this luxury can add more enjoyment to the break.

Gym or Fitness Centers

Choosing to rest is also an opportunity to take more care of the body. Gym or fitness rooms allow customers to stay fit while staying in the comfort of their staycation. Equipment should be in top condition and should work properly as intended. Variety and choice of equipment are equally important. Some of the island resort exclusively offer in-room fitness option for guest who wants their privacy.


The nighttime is another facet of fun in the hiatus so having a place where people can enjoy a few drinks and meet new people is a thing to look forward to. The island resort hotel’s bar should be able to cater to you and your guests along with the rest of their hotel visitors. It should be able to offer drinks both at the counter and through the waiter. Having exemplary customer service makes it more special and is a good way to earn customer loyalties.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are a necessity in hospitality management. The type and pool facilities are often the game changer on the decision to stay. Regardless, safety should be a top priority before aesthetics. It is of great importance to go to resorts that keep their water safe and clean. Swimming pools should have regular maintenance to prevent the build-up and accumulation of bacteria. The filtration system should not cause a safety concern for children.

Bike and Car Rental

Transportation should not be a concern for travelers. To save you from stress and enjoying more of the vacation, survey the hotel if they provide rental services like bicycles or shuttles. Some even rent it to their customers at no cost so they can roam hassle-free.

Off You Go!

Traveling is where people can make memorable moments in one’s life. Vacation is best when you have nothing else to worry about. Always watch out for the points mentioned above to make the best out of the break. Live life to the fullest and transform those worries into positivity. Take a leap and book a much-deserved island resort hotel getaway.

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