Practical Travel Tips for Senior Citizens Going to Boracay

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August 13, 2021
Glenn Jereza
Senior Citizens dancing at the sands of a beach (Image credit: iStock)

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The mere mention of Boracay and you somehow feel you are already cocooned in an enigmatic destination, one that pulsates with tropical allure and throbs with an absolute holiday. If you are an elderly traveler planning for a tropical island vacation, read on for some helpful Boracay travel tips for Senior Citizens that we have compiled just for you.

Boracay Travel Tips for Senior Citizens: Enjoy the crimson sky of Boracay Island at sunset
Twilight in Boracay (Image credit: Reina Carla Angeles)

Welcome To Boracay, Seniors!

The Boracay Island is the Philippine Tourism industry’s Crown Jewel in a country that abounds with tourist destinations. What makes Boracay exceptional is its world-renowned beaches of fine coral sands that have earned for itself a niche among the world’s best.

The actor Michael Cane was among the celebrities who first set foot on the island, where their movie, “Too Late The Hero” was shot on location. He gave Elizabeth Taylor a puka shell necklace which eventually stirred more interest in Boracay.

Boracay’s hedonistic atmosphere is very popular among the young and hip, but it is perfect for all tourists, regardless of age. To each his own in a ten square kilometer island that is a perfect refuge for the weary and a sanctuary for senior citizens (those who are 60 and above) who would like to have a taste of Boracay’s unique charismata.

The “dry season” of the tropics is the best time for people in their Golden Years to visit Boracay. It will be less expensive, less crowded, less stressful.

The primary entrance to Boracay is via Caticlan Airport which is just a stroll away from Caticlan Jetty Port. Best to rent a tricycle (a motorcycle with a sidecar) going to your hotel, especially if your luggage is quite heavy. On the other hand, International passengers can opt to fly to Kalibo International Airport which is just less than two hours away. Those who are already in Manila may opt to take the nautical highway through a roll-on roll-off ferry from Batangas City, some two hours from Manila, to Caticlan Jetty Port.

Travel Tips for Senior Citizens Going To Boracay

Make sure you’re allowed to travel

You must know that you are in good shape when you visit Boracay. This is important as you must be able to provide and/or pass certain requirements, such as a fit-to-travel certification from your attending physician, along with your brief medical history with your prescriptions and other medicines.

Comply with the Covid19 Protocols

For Senior Citizens going to Boracay, make sure that you have complied with entry requirements for COVID-19 protocols. Get all the necessary documents and have everything handy and ready for inspection if and when asked.

Make sure your phone works locally

For international senior travelers, bring your phone but check if it will work in the Philippines. Check with your mobile carrier if your phone can be used outside your local area. If it does, you can just buy a local SIM card when you arrive.

Confirm your bookings in advance

Reserve, block off, and confirm bookings in advance for more bang for your buck. Everything comes out cheaper when you book your tickets, accommodations, and tours before your departure. This decreases your stress levels, knowing that you have everything ironed out.

Less is More

When packing, your mantra should be less is more. After all, you will be lugging your luggage yourselves. Should you be in Boracay for more than a week, don’t fret, there are laundry shops: from the DIY/Self-Service to the ones who will pick up and deliver your laundry right into your hotel room.

Have a secret cash stash

Stash your cash in a slim wallet that can be worn as a necklace inside your upper garment. Have a show wallet, one that only has enough cash for your expected expenses and immediate needs, and at least one government-issued ID. Pickpockets will not be able to have a feast at your expense.

Don’t be ashamed to get assistance

Skip those long, boring lines at the airport by declaring, at the time you make your airline reservations, that you will need assistance. This is a courtesy from airline companies, accorded to People with Medical Cases, Senior Citizens, and Persons With Disabilities. You will be escorted to the gate via the priority lane with the use of a wheelchair. You will arrive more relaxed and can opt-out of the service on arrival.

Senior Travelers, When In Boracay

Senior Citizens dancing at the sands of a beach
Senior Citizens dancing at the sands of a beach (Image credit: iStock)

In the hotel, get to know your exit

Familiarize yourself with the hotel’s floor plan. Knowing where the hotel’s emergency exit is important because, in an emergency, people panic when they do not know where to go.

Use the hotel’s complementary room safe

Cash transfer – from your stash to your show wallet. Real wallets and other valuables should be in the room safe.

Hotel staff are your friends ATM

Smile at the hotel staff. They are the best allies in your quest to optimize your enjoyment of Boracay. They are your SMEs or Subject Matter Experts.

What’s in store for Senior Travelers in Boracay

In the beach, keep it simple

For Senior Citizens going to stroll at the beach of Boracay, only have your show wallet with you, replenished with just enough cash, and an ID card. Never bring valuables, neither should you wear them.

For fresh foods, check out the local market

Beautiful Boracay is a gastronomic adventure with a wide array of options, from International to Local Cuisine, from Five Star establishments to hole-in-a-wall ventures fit to satiate and delight one’s palate. One of the best ways to enjoy the freshest pick is to have them where they are freshest – in the market. There are food stalls with a wide array of choices. You can even opt to shop around and buy what you want to eat based on your nutritionist’s prescribed diet and have it cooked for a fee.

Drink straight from a (recyclable) bottled water

Always opt for bottled water, it is your safest and healthiest option. Similarlt,Date-Rape drugs also work for those who want a fast buck by being very helpful in literally cleaning you out. And we have to admit, nobody can ill afford to have the runs and its consequences.

Wander in solitude

Personalized tours are admittedly more expensive, but you should go at your own pace and not be compelled to walk faster, be clock-compliant in places you want to explore some more, or not be able to just sit quietly and absorb the vibe of the place.

Boracay’s beaches are unique with its coral sands that never become hot even at high noon. For the more adventurous, exploring neighboring beaches on nearby islands is a fun way to spend the day. Bring a watertight reusable plastic canister to secure your alternate wallet and other valuables.

Should you be in Boracay during the Monsoon season, the beach is usually daunting with rain, strong winds, and big waves – except for one called Ilig-Iligan beach in Yapak on the other side of the island. The water here remains calm during the monsoon. You can hire an eTrike to get there, and just to be sure, make arrangements for a pick-up as well.

Take a peek at Boracay’s nightlife

At night, Boracay metamorphoses into a party place famous for its pub and chow crawl. And when you get tired, just find a spot and engage in the sport called people-watching. Or perhaps take a quick power nap.

If you have it, show it: your Senior ID card

This Boracay travel tips for Senior Citizens will not be complete without some discount tips. For golden-ager local travelers or senior ex-pats who live in the Philippines, enjoy a nice 20% discount by simply presenting your senior ID card. Under the Philippines’ Expanded Senior Citizens Act, all resident Filipinos aged 60 and up could avail themselves of the senior citizen perks in the country by showing the ID card issued by the Office of Senior Citizens Affairs in the place where they reside. In addition, elderly foreign travelers who currently lives in the Philippines need to present either their senior ID card, Philippine Retirement Authority identification card, Alien Certificate of Registration Card, and other documents that establish that they are at least 60 years old and resides in the Philippines.

Dual Citizens are what the locals call people aged 60 and up. One is your citizenship as evidenced by the passport your carry, and the other, your being a Senior Citizen. This is a popular regional joke, but do not take offense. Filipinos have a very healthy respect for the older generation. Only major cities have homes for the elderly, which should assure you of more than just civility.

Closing remarks

In conclusion, with a wealth of activities fit for senior travelers, Boracay is an ideal destination for those who want to travel and enjoy their golden years. Most importantly, having reached the age of 60 doesn’t mean you need to retire from the adventure too.

The itch to travel needs your attention — Boracay beckons as an adventure to be experienced. And as you commit to the trip, remember: “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

We hope you enjoyed our Boracay Travel Tips for Senior Citizens. Like and share it on social media to enlighten others.

Enjoy your Boracay wanderlust, seniors!

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