How To Get Paid And Travel Boracay For Free

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September 7, 2021
Aaron Lowel Santomin

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When a normal person thinks of travel, the first thing that comes to mind is cost. Spending for expenses, paying for food and accommodations, and all other activities all require an outflow of cash. This is the reason why many people refuse to travel in Boracay as they think the trip might cost them a fortune. That may be true in any other place however if you want to travel to Boracay for free, we might just have a few solutions for you.

What’s With The Oasis?

Boracay is one, if not the most, popular tourist destination island in the Philippines. It is most popular for its velvety white sand beaches, authentic local foods and international cuisines, nightlife, water activities, and many others. These aspects make Boracay a suitable place for relaxation and adventure. Last 2019, it recorded an annual visitor count of 565,351. People from different regions of the country as well as international folks are all fond of Boracay as their relaxation haven.

The travel and leisure crowd is the reason why the business facet of Boracay Island is booming. The restaurants, shops, hotels, bars, and markets are as lively as ever. Up until now, new business opportunities are sprouting because of all the possible gains. Many job vacancies and listings are available to those who wanted to work in Boracay and make a living as long as they have the necessary skills.

Job Options And Opportunities For Tourists

What Work Can You Do To Travel Boracay For Free?
What Work Can You Do To Travel Boracay For Free? (Image credit: Freepik)

This is an opportunity for any job seekers who are wary of the cost of being in paradise. All you need to own are things that you already possess. This article lists a few possible job positions that anyone can apply for to reach Boracay without worrying about the fare and (sometimes) their accommodations.


It is undeniable that Boracay Island is a popular choice for vacationers who have things planned out. Some even choose Boracay as their location of celebration as it is the perfect place to create the perfect memories. Almost every day prior to the pandemic, various occasions are happening throughout the island. Wherever you look, there are weddings, birthdays, proposals, team building, and other events that require a skilled photographer.

As a freelance photographer, you can be hired by your client to use your talents and techniques to take the best picture possible. The services that photographers can offer include doing photoshoots, portraiture, and event documentation. Photographers can choose to be paid by the hour of their service or based on a package contract. You can negotiate to have your travel fare and accommodation for free c/o your client, especially if you don’t live in Boracay. Your passion for taking pictures can be of use here. As a plus, you will be able to witness one of the happiest moments shared by the celebratory people.

Hair And Makeup Artist

Just like photographers, there are endless listings in need of a beauty artist for any Boracay events. People want to look at their best on any momentous occasion. Especially on their wedding day, no one wants their magical day to be just another ordinary day. They need to be at their finest and greatest version. It goes without saying that it includes looking glamorous and alluring to cement how important that day is.

The primary goal of hair and makeup artists (HMUA) is to enhance the facial features of each client through appropriate makeup and customized aesthetics. Most often, an HMUA is the point person and beauty consultant of wedding ceremonies on the island. The make-up artists must be present at all phases of the event like the prenuptial photoshoot, the actual wedlock, and even retouching at the party. HMUA aids are marketed in a package based on the number of people that they will be servicing.

For HMUA who currently lives outside Boracay, this makes a great gig to fly into the island for free, as long as it is in the contract between you and your clients.


The Boracay tropic is a certified gastronomical hub. There are infinite food choices to pick from. From fresh seafood to exotic delicacies, all of these bites are enough to keep the mouths of visitors watering and their stomachs growling. It is not an exaggeration as there is food available for whatever you crave. The restaurants of Boracay are always busy because of the crowd of foodies wanting a taste of what the island has to offer.

Lively resto means more vacancies for waiters and servers. If you are adept in the hospitality industry, this position will be as easy as ever. The tasks of waiters include welcoming the customers, entertaining guests and their queries, and juggling various duties on the counter and table. Being respectful and civil is the most important attitude that a waiter must possess. Everything will surely follow because this is something that job seekers can get used to. This is one of the easiest posts to look for when hunting for job vacancies in Boracay. Some Boracay restaurants even offer free fare going to the island to attract qualified waiters to work for them.


Waiters are the servers of the day while bartenders are the stewards of the night. The nightlife of Boracay is as vibrant as the glorious sun under the azure waters. For every station on the island, countless bars are serving their alcoholic specialties. If you have experience in making high-quality drinks for customers, then Boracay will be your personal heaven.

A barkeeper’s responsibilities include preparing and serving alcoholic cocktails depending on their customer’s preference. They are a one-man team as they are often doing different work on the counter than just brewing drinks. They are in charge of verifying the age of the customers, receiving the payments, and even cleaning the tools and utensils used in crafting their liquid masterpieces. For bartenders, every day is a brand-new experience to meet new people enjoying their time in Boracay.

For skilled bartenders/barkeepers, they can easily find a few bars in Boracay that also offers free travel expenses coming into the island.

Disk Jockeys (DJ)

Boracay is one of the places in the Philippines that never sleeps. The entertainment does not end when the sun goes down. It even becomes wilder as the moon rises. Tourists and visitors flock to nightclubs and bars in Station 2 to grab a few drinks, meet new people, and socialize with the locals and guests alike. This is a perfect opportunity to gain new friends on the island and have someone to talk to about individual travels. Before that, there must be someone who keeps the party going and ensure that everyone is having their fun.

This is where the trade of DJ comes to play. Their mission is to play and tamper musical recordings in private parties like weddings or birthdays and even local government events. DJs need to maintain the exciting vibe by appropriating the music played at the party. If you love to party and have great taste in music, this will be an exhilarating deal because this is a mix of amusement while earning your keep.


No one can resist the white sand beaches and superbly clear waters of this paradise. This makes Boracay island the perfect spot for relaxing in the water or even for showing off people’s swimming skills. Because of it, everyone is so excited to splash it all out in the water. Some become so confident to notice that they are drifting away from the shoreline.

This might be the most important responsibility for beach and pool locations scattered around Boracay. Mainly, lifeguards are the ones who oversee and supervise the swimmers. They are also the ones who need to spot the hazards that may occur. During beach accidents, rescuing and administering first aid (CPR) is part of a lifeguard’s job description. The lifeguard must have a complete awareness of the situation and act upon it. And because of that, they need to be certified to get the job. If you can manage to help those in need at the beach, then you should not miss this opening. Lifeguards are highly needed on the island and a lot of Hotels are willing to pay extra, even shoulder your travel fare.

Hotel Staff

Working In A Hotel Makes A Great Passport To Being In Boracay.
Working In A Hotel Makes A Great Passport To Being In Boracay. (Image credit: Pinnacle Boracay)

The picturesque scenery of the entire isle is home to outstanding resort hotels that can make the guest feel that they are in literal paradise. These lodgings are quality accommodations for any tourists who have nowhere to stay whilst making the most of their exploration. Hotels offer various amenities and services that can maximize their joy in the travel experience.

Hotels not just offer comfort for the customer but also jobs for those who need work. Hotel staff requires the utmost effort for job hunters because their chores are never easy. Their primary job description includes cleaning and maintaining the order of each room and all the areas of the hotel in general. It is their duty to accommodate guests and answer their requests to provide a top hotel experience. Diligence and perseverance are two of the most needed attributes as this pursuit is all about customer service and flexibility to perform a myriad of tasks.

As Boracay has become the top leisure destination for tourists in the past decades, the hotel staff the island needed has also grown in numbers. To attract applicants from all over the country, a few Boracay hotels offer boarding packages that also include free travel fares for all incoming employees.

Line Cook/Chef

Just like most of the job opportunities listed here, being a chef sometimes has its free travel perks. The restaurants and food locations of Boracay are top-notch and cooking is a prized skill when you go to the island. The quality of each dish is thoroughly inspected and maintained to be the same every single time. It is all thanks to the skillful chefs and cooks of Boracay that continually serve any international cuisine that all Filipinos can be proud of.

Being a chef is hard work, however, there is nothing impossible when one pours his heart onto it. One can start as an apprentice or line cook when applying for a restaurant or eatery in Boracay. They have to be knowledgeable when it comes to plating or decorating dishes and completing basic food preparation duties. As time goes by, they will be supervising a specific station where they can now show their talents in cooking.

Tour Guides

All of the vacationing tourists of Boracay, especially the first-timers, will want to explore and learn more about the island. For example, the White Beach boasts perfectly fine white sand. Another is the breathtaking Crystal Cove Island that you can only reach by using a boat. There are a lot of places worth to be seen and all of these spots can make everyone mesmerized by what beauty nature brought forth.

Being a tour guide requires the ability to know every crook and cranny of the place. One should know all about the best places to dine, shop, and what exciting activities to do while on vacation. This job needs a lot of experience and it is a prerequisite to know the facts and details of Boracay. Moreover, interpersonal skills are much needed as you will be communicating with a lot of different people every day.

If you want to travel to Boracay for free, check with your local travel tour operators as they might be looking to fill this position to assist their patrons.

Swim Instructors

Many choose to visit Boracay’s beaches to experience the unique swimming experience at least once in their lifetime. Disappointment is a word you will never hear from those who have tried it. The weather and climate are suited to enjoy the clear waters the island boasts. The tides and waves are also of no match as there are no severe disturbances that can distract those who want to waddle. Nonetheless, not all those who arrive at Boracay are swimmers. Some are enthusiasts who would like to learn and be able to appreciate the wonders of the sea.

This is where swim instructors enter the story. As swimming coaches, they are responsible for teaching swimming techniques and water safety rules for students of varied swimming skills. They must possess the swimming mastery to pass knowledge to their clients. Frequently, they are hired on an hourly basis and their students are mostly children. They can accompany a vacationing family going to the island as a private swimming teacher.

Sales Representative

This job title might be a little different than other positions on this list as it is about the shopping aspect of the island. All corners and streets of Boracay are filled with shops and stalls selling various products and souvenirs. It is a good option for those wanting to travel for free as endless Boracay stores are looking for people who will supervise their business.

If you have some experience in sales and marketing, you can then apply at the mall or in the shopping center. From designer brands to local merchandise, the shopping plaza is home to some high-end stores and enterprises. Therefore, you can properly pick your niche or expertise to have a better chance of getting hired. If you are new to this antic, you can apply to new businesses sprouting in the alleys.

Craft Maker

The souvenirs and pasalubong in Boracay are well-made and intricately produced. Everything that a tourist might look for when choosing a gift will be at the market. Be it a personalized shirt, a customized tumbler, puka shell bracelets, keychains, and other various knick-knacks.

If you are good with your hands, then this trade should be at the top of your list. The main duty of a craft maker is to create quality souvenirs to sell to tourists. A craft maker should be able to creatively think of new ideas that can be sold at the market. They should also have proper communication skills to attract customers to buy their creations.

As this is an “import” skill, some store owners offer free travel fare to get skilled craft makers into the island.


Finding a job at Boracay is a brilliant idea but putting up your own business venture is a much better plan. Every day, hundreds are flying from different parts of the world to have a glimpse of paradise. A clever entrepreneur should see this as an opportunity to take a risk that can change the trajectory of their life.

Taking the first step will always be the hardest segment of putting up a business. However, having the courage to step up is a commendable decision. Planning and deducing ways to offer novel products or services might take time. Nonetheless, when you have the will to do it, everything will follow. Find a venture where you can maximize your attributes and skills. Efficiently use the materials and resources available. Surely, the fruits of this hardship will be worth it.

Pilot, Flight Attendant, Ferry Crew

If you want a free travel arrangement going to Boracay, one sure way is to chaefuer the tourists that go there. As a pilot, or as an airplane or ferry staff, bringing tourists to the island automatically brings you there as well.

Being hired as any of these transport employees is not that easy, however. You will need special accreditations and specific educational background, unlike some of the jobs included in this list. And if you are qualified, not only you can travel to Boracay for free, you can also travel to some of the tourists’ spots here and abroad.

Technical Engineers (Elevator Installers, Fire Alarm Technician, CCTV Suppliers)

As Boracay is mainly a paradise in a province, not many tech-related employees are always available on the island. This is true for the new developments that have sprouted the island for the past decades. As a tech engineer to some enterprises that offer B2B solutions to businesses in Boracay, you can get to Boracay for free as an inclusion of a package that your company is offering.

Some of these business solutions can be an installation or repair of elevators and air conditioners, fire alarm or smoke detectors, CCTV security cameras, as well as supply of special finishes, maintenance equipment, and many others.

Writer, Researcher, Blogger

Boracay has been a dream destination for a lot of leisure vacationists. This is in part, due to the plethora of articles and essays that detail the many amazing activities that you can do on the island. And this is thanks to the writer, researcher, and blogger that made it possible.

Creating content has been in full swing lately, thanks to the advancement of modern technology. Ushered by the pandemic, more and more people are getting into the freelancing gig economy. On the island, you can find a lot of online bloggers and writers that publish content about Boracay. If you have the skills, a lot of hotels and businesses are outsourcing their content by hiring travelling writers to produce articles for their websites. Media networks also employ something similar for their channels.


Traveling and earning seems to be a polar opposite concept. However, Boracay Island proves that this adventure is never impossible to take part in even if you are struggling financially. What better way to experience the escapade of your life than to travel to Boracay for free? The only thing left to do is to pack the bag, scroll through the listing, and discover the different ways of exploring Boracay.

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