Island Resort Hotel Diary: Beach Weddings: Pros And Cons

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September 3, 2021
Aaron Lowel Santomin
Wedding bliss: Boracay Beach Weddings (Image credit: Freepik)

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A wedding is one of -if not the most- memorable days in a couple’s life. It is proof of their love, trust, and conviction to spend a lifetime’s worth of happiness and growth. Everyone wants their special day to be unforgettable and be treasured. Many tried to be unique and special but nothing can compare to how majestic and indelible Boracay Beach Weddings can be.

Nowadays, beach matrimony is starting to gain popularity. Instead of common traditional ones like being inside a church, a lot of today’s betrothed couples opt for a picturesque landscape of the sea to be the witness of the start of their everlasting bond. Not only it is beautiful, but it is also romantic and quite memorable. What better place to have this ceremony than the sand and waters of Boracay?

To-Do or Not To Do?

Knowing more about the advantages of beach wedlock is a must before going to the island of Boracay to tie the knot. It is the knowledge that couples should look into to create a more informed decision. To help pairs decide whether to voice out their oath at a paradise, here are the advantages and disadvantages of seaside nuptials on the beaches of Boracay.

The Pros: Advantages Of A Boracay Beach Wedding

Being on Boracay is a celebration itself. (Image Credit: Reina Carla Angeles)

1) Breathtaking Sunset and Remarkable White Sand Beaches

Boracay is most famous for being the “it” wedding island not only because of its velvety white sand but also for its prismatic sunset as well. The picturesque landscape and scenery are something worth seeing despite traveling thousands of miles around the globe. Marrying in this natural sanctuary is any lover’s dream come true.

The Boracay vibe as the sun slowly sets at the horizon is comparable to a fairy tale setting only seen at the movies. A Boracay beach wedding alone is a memory worth mentioning and reminiscing to the couple’s future children and grandchildren. The romantic setting will be remarkable and worth seeing on the big screen. All the guests will treat the occasion as a sacred demonstration of love in a location blessed with nature’s bounty.

2) Endless Variety of Activities and Entertainment

Boracay is a haven is filled with ventures that can keep everyone awake day and night. For every definition of pleasure for any individual, the island will never concede. Also, there are numerous activities to try if you’re looking for some adrenaline rush. From water sports like scuba diving, wakeboarding to clubbing and dancing to the lively tunes of bars, all can be arranged to include in the celebration a couple’s union and affinity.

In retrospect, these fun-filled and exciting pursuits can serve as the much-needed honeymoon for the newlyweds. The joint activities will strengthen the connection and trust of the couple in each other. The entertainment will be their reward for trudging the rough road of the past. Leisure will be their starting point of creating a fruitful and fulfilling life committed to their promises and vows.

3) Best and Prime Photos

Pictures are the memorabilia of the thrill and adventure you had at your Boracay beach wedding. The good thing is every angle and image captured at the beach area is a masterpiece. The ocean backdrop and the crystal-clear waters will provide the necessary element to snap a few marriage photos worthy of boasting.

Moreover, the alluring sunset of the “golden hour” will give the perfect lighting to provide your photos the right amount of depth and tone. This will allow your wedding images to possess a sense of drama, aesthetic, and divinity that is unique and distinct. The product of your beach wedding photography will be the best starting page of your life’s album as a couple.

4) Ease of Planning

Island resort hotels that offer beach weddings in Boracay can be considered experts in having these kinds of events and ceremonies. Through the years, they made extraordinary and magical weddings possible. This is the reason why couples choose to pass the responsibility of planning to the coordinators of the event at the venue of their choice. This is possible as it is more affordable and hassle-free than any other option.

Unlike beach wedlocks, traditional wedding ceremonies require months or even years of preparation for different aspects like food, venue, church, and other stuff. To give the lovely pair some slack, some Boracay hotels and resorts offer bundles and packages for the incoming husband and wife. All they need to do is to choose the package based on their budget and preference, pick the motif of the party, and schedule the time and date. It is relatively easy for those who do have not enough time to personally manage the formalities.

5) Simplicity at its Best

The heavenly visuals of the island of Boracay will take your wedding to the next level. When you are in the vicinity of Boracay, a simple arrangement of ornaments will look stunning. Without even trying, the view of the ocean, the perfectly fine sand, and the soft cool breeze are all signs that you are in a magical place.

Since the setting is relaxing and peaceful, the attires and dresses of every participant can lean toward casual and comfortable fabrics so people can freely move around. This is to allow visitors to be cozy and have a pleasant experience during the length of the ceremony. Additionally, females need not wear heels so they can walk on the sand comfortably and have the chance to party all night long.

6) Vacation for Guests

No matter where the visitors come from, everyone will be able to love the fact that the couple’s wedded bliss provided them a reason to go on a journey and experience a sanctuary that is Boracay. Undoubtedly, they will fall in love with the vicinity and each will have their mini-adventure after the wedding.

The Cons: Disadvantages Of A Boracay Beach Wedding

1) Inconstant Weather

The invitation said to wear something purple as it is a Boracay Beach Wedding
The invitation said to wear something purple. (Image credit: Shutter Stock)

The forecast may be of help in predicting the weather for the next few days but ultimately, no one can foresee what the weather has in store a few months from today. Marriage requires some preparations, from fancy tablecloths to flower decorations, in which most is vulnerable to water and other elements.

Rain and sudden thunderstorm might come as a surprise and destroy the hard work of coordinators and staff in creating a picturesque venue by the beach. Worse, the tears of the skies might fall while having the ceremony (which you can see as a good sign). However, this scenario will cause unnecessary commotion and panic among the guests. It will dissipate the momentum and the romantic vibe in the air. The couple might need to reschedule when the weather is not in line with the union. Best to anticipate the water precipitation, if ever it shows up uninvited.

2) Boracay’s Distance to Guests

The island is far from the pressure and pollution of the cities. It is why Boracay became a getaway haven for those in need of a break from their urban lives. Wedding guests are either need to take a travel ferry or even fly by air to get to Boracay. It requires hours of ocean travel and this might be a tedious task for many visitors to the event.

Also, people with small children or those who are in their senior years might see this venture as difficult. Not everyone has the time and resources to travel across countries, or in the Philippines case, islands, just for a wedding. Those people who would want to do their ceremony in paradise should be ready to hear some rejections and declines from their invitees.

3) Noise and Disturbances

The matrimony of the couple may not be the only event occurring in the vicinity. Boracay can sometimes be a busy location for a wedding. Multiple occasions and celebrations might be happening at the same time. It is unavoidable to hear some loud noises, celebratory cheers, or other distracting things not from their own guests and visitors.

4) Other Natural Elements: Heat, Wind, Insects, and Birds

Marrying at a sanctuary of nature necessitates some challenges. Different aspects of the beach might be annoying for some people and may cause discomfort. The heat may cause unwanted tan lines as there is not as much cover or shade to serve as protection. For those who have forgotten about the harmful side of the sun, extreme exposure to the UV rays will cause sunburns that will last for a few days.

The wind will also be a hurdle if it shows its might. Strong gusts of wind can destroy the ornaments as well as the comfort of the bride itself. Long veils and dresses will follow the direction of the wind and may irritate the ladies. Sands can also be blown away so extra precaution is necessary.

As proof of the thriving wildlife of the Boracay island, birds and insects are present most of the time. Birds might smack a taste of the foods allotted for the participating people. Insects like mosquitoes may sneak some bites which equate annoyance and displeasure.

5) Regulations of the Island

As part of recovery from the global pandemic, the local government created regulations when it comes to celebrations and gatherings. Everyone is responsible for following the ordinances. It includes wearing personal protective equipment and monitoring the gatherings to prevent the spread of the sickness.

The ceremony is not an exception. They should follow the regulations and this includes wearing additional paraphernalia for preventing the spreading of the virus. Physical distancing is also required so the distance between individuals will need to be maintained at all times. Couples should ensure that they will be upholding these rules in order to have their dream Boracay beach wedding.

Plan it Out Now

There you go, these are just some of the pros and cons you should be aware of when having your nuptial ceremony in a Boracay beach setting. Of course, there are other several factors you should consider for your alfresco celebration. Contact us here at Pinnacle Boracay so our Wedding and Events Specialists can assist you with your beach wedding venue requirements. We sincerely wish you happiness together as you sail through the mesmerizing sea of love, always forever as you trudge the warm sensation of life, and may together be your forever.

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