How to Enjoy Boracay Without Going Broke

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October 8, 2021
Aaron Lowel Santomin
How to Enjoy Boracay Without Going Broke? Check in at Pinnacle Resort & Villas (Image credit: Pinnacle Boracay)

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Everybody’s dream is to roam around the world. The beaches, forests, mountains, oceans, are just too good to pass on. However, the first thing that comes to mind when a person thinks of travel is how much it will cost. Booking expenses, paying for food and lodging, trying the activities, and bringing home souvenirs that necessitate a cash outflow are just some of the factors you need to think about when you plan to travel. These, among others, are why many people are wary to travel to Boracay. They think a leisure journey to Boracay will cost them much of their hard-earned money. That may be an undeniable truth in other popular tourists locations, but when you choose to visit Boracay, being broke should be the least of your concern. When planning to take a trip to Boracay, check out below for our guide on How to Enjoy Boracay Without Going Broke.

When on a budget, you can still enjoy Boracay by immersing yourself in all the wonders of its flora and fauna
When on a budget, you can enjoy Boracay by immersing yourself freely in all the wonders of its flora and fauna. (Image credit: Adobe Stock)

How Can You Enjoy Boracay On A Budget?

There are many ways to accomplish this mission. In fact, many tourists succeeded in doing this feat. They enjoyed, destressed, relaxed, and made the best memories in the sanctuary without costing them their living. If they can, everyone can. To assist you on the adventure of your lifetime, here are some travel hacks to ensure that every centavo counts and every denomination is wisely spent.

1) Save on Fare When You Go To Boracay

Air Travel

• Plan early and schedule the flights few months before

Nothing can ever go wrong by being early. Instead, those who organize ahead of time reap the benefits of having more time and enjoy the luxury of thriftiness. It is especially true when you choose to travel via airplane. Tickets booked months before the actual flight is more affordable than those who have bought tickets at the last minute. Moreover, the traveler himself can choose the seat where he feels most comfortable.

When planning your Boracay Island vacation, don’t forget to schedule early morning flights. Midnight to dawn flights tends to be less demanded by tourist. The price of your flight ticket rises as the day goes. So, watch out for those schedules.

Promo Deals and Bargained Bundles

To boost the health of the tourism industry in the Philippines, the Department of Tourism mandates different airlines to offer some packages at a discounted price. Examples of these companies include Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, and many more. Some airline offers “+1 inclusion” where a certain number of your group will pay for the discounted price and the next one enjoys a free seat. This is a perfect opportunity for anyone who is looking for ways how to enjoy their Boracay on a budget without going broke.

There are also many seasonal airlines discounts o watch out for. Some firms also offer “Piso flights” where you can avail yourself of a seat for just 1 peso, excluding other extraneous fees. To keep updated on their latest offerings, follow the website of the aforementioned airplane companies.

Sea Travel • Ferry

When looking for a cheaper option to going to Boracay, traveling by ferry may be the answer that you are looking for. 2Go Ferry is the most picked ferry choice of tourists. The route starts from Batangas port up to Caticlan Port. The only downside is that the time of travel approximately takes at least 8 hours. However, one can enjoy more of the sights and wonders of the ocean before experiencing the Boracay paradise. There are also various cabin classes with different travel inclusions basing on a tripper or group of travelers’ budget.

Visit for more information about their ferry scheduling and options.

Arrival – Land Travel • Walking

It might be the most efficient way there is when it comes to roaming around the island. Geographically, the Boracay isle is tiny and one can reach the northern portion to the southern portion in just 3 hours by walking. Additionally, it is a very good exercise. Enjoying the relaxing bounty offered by the island while also training your leg muscles. Moreover, explorers who want to take a glimpse of the real-life of the locals should try it as they will be immersed in how to be a Boracay islander.

Bicycle Renting

Scattered around the vicinity are various bike rental shops for tourists. In fact, some resort hotels even offer it as an inclusion to your stay at their facilities. For as little as 1 dollar, people will be able to enjoy the cool and refreshing gust of wind when pedaling their way to various locations. This activity is an experience that trip junkies should embark on.


Generally, riding on a motorized taxi (tricycle) is low-cost. Riding a trike as you roam around in Boracay will allow you to enjoy the island without going broke. There are just some local drivers taking advantage of the tourist to watch out for. To prevent this instance, asking for the fare price beforehand should be part of your routine. Use your negotiation skills and always ask questions. That way, the vacationers need not worry about being broke by being asked for unreasonable payment.

2) Reserve Accommodations That Fits Your Budget

One of the affordable room accommodations at Pinnacle Resort & Villas in Station 1, Boracay.
One of the affordable room accommodations at Pinnacle Resort & Villas in Station 1, Boracay. (Image credit: Pinnacle Boracay)

Apps and Websites for Hotel Packages

In this day and age, outsourcing deals from various companies are just a few clicks away. Wherever you want to go, these web applications are ready to search for the wisest choice for accommodations. These websites will be extremely useful in your stay on Boracay Island. Everywhere you look, there are stunning and amazing lodgings to choose from. However, not all of them are recommended for those limiting their spending.

Check out Traveloka ( to search for the best rates for your trip. Access Booking ( for a more filtered search fitted for your group. There is also an option to click on Agoda ( for some extra travel deals.

Pro tip: booking direct to the hotels will save you a lot more when creating a hotel reservation.

Distribute the Expense with Other Backpackers or Peers

Enjoy quality accommodations without compromising your budget. Truly, the best resort island hotels in Boracay are irresistible. The amenities are worth trying and they can serve the peak relaxation and destressing that everyone needs. To solve the cash problem, find fellow backpackers who are willing to share a room with you. It will not be a hassle because you are not the only one constrained by their budget.

If you are with your family or friends, ask them to share the cost that the lodging will incur. That way, the expenses will not be burdensome for just one person.

Rent Hostels in Station 3

Station 3 of Boracay is home to different budget-friendly accommodations. They are not as opulent as the resorts or hotels in other stations, but can also offer a relaxed, secure, and comfortable stay. More importantly, they are adjacent to White Beach and offer moderate and really low rates. Staying in a comfortable cabin here for as little as $8 USD is a deal that you should be aware of. They might not offer the same amenities as what the other luxury hotels can offer but you get what you pay for.

3) Indulge In Your Food Craving By Being Smart

Find Restaurants with Discount Promos

The Boracay Island is home to delicious and mouth-watering bites. Your aim to enjoy the island of Boracay without breaking your bank or going broke is closer to reality than what you think. Restaurants in Boracay are quite popular for their high standards when it comes to ingredients and food preparation. It is worthwhile to taste the food creation even just once. Therefore, scout around the food locations and find affordable discounts on different dishes. Some season, the seafood catches of the local is plenty so it will be easier to find some eatery lowering their prices to disposing of the supply.

There are also fast foods within the area, like in the mall and shopping districts. If you seek some familiar and economical treats, this might go well with your taste. Be sure to try Jollibee which is the number 1 fast-food chain in the Philippines.

Eat at a Karinderya

Karinderya (cafeteria) is a local eatery located in streets and markets. It will be effortless to look for these as there will always be crowds checking out their food selection. Diverse Filipino dishes are placed on a table and it is at your discretion to choose what appeals to your palate. There are also plenty of street foods stalls so you can grab anything you like and include them in your feast. The foods are inexpensive so explorers should not be worried as they splurge on a buffet.

Cooking Your Own Food

Of course, you can enjoy your own cook meal while in Boracay so you can achieve your goal of not going broke while in paradise. Buy your supplies and fresh seafood in D’Talipapa or D’Mall. The products are sourced from the local suppliers of the region. The seafood is to die for. One will be able to taste the exceptional blessing of Mother Nature to the ocean of the island. Besides, the taste will surely be of your liking. Do not hesitate to create your own palatable creation.

4) Budget-friendly Boracay Activities

Enjoy the serene landscape and undisturbed peace in Boracay's Puka Beach
Enjoy the serene landscape and undisturbed peace in Boracay’s Puka Beach. (Image credit: Reina Carla Angeles)

Indulge in free activities for visitors

In Boracay, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy a variety of unique activities. You can enjoy a vast number of land and water activities offered in Boracay without going broke. Believe it or not, several of the nicest things to do can be had for the low, low price of zero pesos, which is everyone’s favorite.

Walking by the sandy beach watching the phenomenal sunset is truly an Instagram-worthy scenery. Admiring the sunset or capturing it, no matter what you do, the beauty will always be mesmerizing. Swimming and sunbathing are the best-loved beach activity regardless of age. If you want some thrill and action, try cliff jumping. The terrain in Station 1 is perfect for feeling the gush of adrenaline as the water splash in your body. There will also be some free performance activities to see by the beach produced by the community of the sanctuary. Meeting some friends who are also on the island is also a venture to take part in. If you have some more spare time, play beach volley with competitive peers and strangers.

Avail of all-in tour packages

Some tour firms offer all-inclusion Boracay travel deals at a low cost. Fun and exciting Boracay activities are already part of this packages so stayers will have nothing to be anxious about what to do. Often, they are led by a knowledgeable tour guide that accompanies them in their island hopping, cave exploration, water activities, eating galore, up to the souvenir shopping. All of the things are properly laid out so having a blast remains the only responsibility of the tourists.

Coordinate with tour management to get discount deals in exchange for promotion If you are a blogger or someone with a wide audience reach, as this technique will secure that you will have a good time even with the littlest cash. Companies actively look for those “influencers” that can promote their amenities to prospective tourists. These firms are generous especially when their expected results can be met. If the marketing has been successfully done, you may have even secured your slot for your next island escapade.

5) Look For Affordable Boracay Souvenirs

Make use of bargain

Bargaining or haggling is never impolite. Furthermore, local businesses continue to benefit significantly from international and domestic visitors alike, implying that being a little cash tight is neither a crime nor a vice, especially if you want to enjoy your trip without coming home broke. In Boracay, practically any service, from massages to painting, you can haggle the prices if you have the skills. Souvenirs are not an exception. From local food delicacies to rattan furniture, having a sense of interpersonal communication, charisma, and rapport can save you a lot. However, you should never forget to be polite for a greater chance to close a deal.

Roam around the local shops to compare the price rates

Wherever you look, the alleys of the island are home to unique handcrafted souvenirs. It may be the case that the first store you looked at has relatively higher pricing than those other stalls. Make it a habit to stroll along with these shops and ask for their prices. Surely, there will be some products that are both amazing and affordable at the same time.

Buy from local craftsmen

Support local. The industry of Boracay is backed by hundreds of small to medium-sized enterprises. Those craftsmen spend a lot of their time making specialized goods for any travelers’ liking. The majority of them are being surpassed by high-end stores even though the standard and price are the same or even better. Appreciate their hard work by buying from them directly. They will have their living and you will have your paradise memento.

LAST TIP: Avoiding peak season

From July to November, the Boracay Island becomes a haven for budget travelers who take advantage of discounted activities, airfare, transportation, and hotel accommodations. In fact, during this time of year, certain Boracay hotel room rates are usually in half from their usual price. The best thing is that you will have the beaches for yourself. There will be no suffocating crowds competing for space.

You may think twice because it is in the rainy season. However, if you want to enjoy a Boracay vacation without going broke, you can still make the best out of your stay at this time. It does not mean that every second will be filled with gloomy thunderstorms and angsty waves of the shore. Surely, the marvelous sun will make an appearance across the shore for you to realize why it deserves to be hailed as one of the best tourist islands in the world.

Heading off to Boracay? Check out our highly recommended accommodation package, perfect for new and returning island tourists:

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