Save and Splurge Guide On Your Next Boracay Vacation

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December 11, 2021
Aaron Lowel Santomin
Pinnacle Resort & Villa’s grandiose Main Lobby to welcome you on your next Boracay vacation (Image credit: Pinnacle Boracay)

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When people say Boracay Island is for everyone, it includes those with a huge amount of travel allowance and those who are tight in their consumption. Traveler-friendly activities are abundant in this tropical haven. All are indeed welcome whether you want to spend a tremendous amount of cash to have a luxe experience on the island or you still want to have a quality moment with only a little financial outflow. For your next upcoming Boracay vacation getaway, here are some helpful tips to guide you on whether to save or splurge.

Let us guide you on your vacation in the beautiful landscape of Boracay island, Philippines. Next stop: Willy's Rock. (Image credit: Freepik)
Let us guide you on your vacation in the beautiful landscape of Boracay island, Philippines. Next stop: Free photosession at Willy’s Rock. (Image credit: Freepik)

What’s Different?

Boracay is a haven for sun-seekers from all over the world. The island has become a popular destination for both local and international tourists. Others have decided to reside in this safe sanctuary. Boracay’s thousand hectares have everything a tropical paradise should have: crystal blue seas, powder-white beaches, abundant tropical palms, flowering plants, and a healthy and diversified marine life.

Be it splurge or save, this Boracay vacation guide leads to a happy ending of wondrous sceneries and entertainment for anyone. To help choose what to do while considering both perspectives, here are activities that you can participate in while on the island of Boracay.

1) Splurge: Go to the island by airplane

Nothing beats the efficiency and hassle-free commute made possible by air travel. A clean and quiet journey is what you will expect when you choose to fly to get on Boracay. To go to Boracay, you can go direct locally via Caticlan Airport or you’ll need to take a couple of transfer flights. The Kalibo International Airport can be reached by flying from Cebu or Manila, Korea’s Incheon, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and other destinations. The more you spend on your ticket class, the more relaxation you will experience. The price is the only concern that you need to consider.

Save: Experience traveling by sea for your Boracay vacation

You won’t just save money by using this alternate mode of transportation; you’ll also get a taste of what it’s like to go by water. Boracay Island may now be visited for as little as P950 via ferry. The most popular choice is taking the route from Batangas to Caticlan. The only suggestion is to keep your expectations in check. The long travel hours will also be quite noisy, especially if you don’t find the regular class unfavorable. There are a variety of booking options available where tourists can save more. Pro Tip: travel with your own blanket if you will sail at night.

2) Splurge: Eat at prestigious restaurants every meal

Pinnacle Resort & Villas' restaurant, Charlie's, makes an appealing place to splurge for your dinner extravaganza. (Image credit: Pinnacle Boracay)
Pinnacle Resort & Villas’ restaurant, Charlie’s, makes an appealing place to splurge for your dinner extravaganza. (Image credit: Pinnacle Boracay)

Boracay is a gourmet paradise in addition to its gorgeous beaches and scenic attractions. It offers a diverse range of restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, including traditional Filipino fare as well as foreign such as Italian, American, Spanish, and Asian cuisines. Many of the restaurants on this list are oceanfront, while others are located along within White Beach’s Stations. Spend on premium creations of well-trained chefs backed with years of experience and see for yourself. Some of the tourists’ favorites include Sunny Side Café, Don Mestizos, Epic Boracay, and Nalka.

Save: Munch at local karinderya and try the street foods of Boracay

The quantity does not compromise quality. This is the motto of the food stalls in the D’Talipapa. Various locals with a talent for cooking are situated in Station 2. Their specialty is authentic Filipino cuisines and meals. Explorers are usually shocked by the enormous portions of each serving despite its low cost. You can also find here some street foods that can amaze and make you drool simultaneously. Its bizarreness is countered by its satisfyingly delicious taste. A standard recommendation will definitely be balut, isaw, and calamares. Just be careful about what you put in your mouth, as there are some who do not have strict hygiene criteria.

3) Splurge: Watch the sunset at Pinnacle Boracay’s rooftop while drinking wine

Staying at Pinnacle Resort & Villas Boracay, a world-class island resort hotel in Boracay, will be one of the most luxurious activities you can do while in Boracay. The hotel’s amenities are of high quality, the accommodations are superb, and the inclusions are spectacular.

The customer service in Pinnacle Boracay is unlike any other hotel you have ever been to. One of its selling points is its iconic 360° Viewdeck of the entire island. This elevated location will let you witness the widely popular sunset the island received. The fitting complement with this scenery is a fine-aged wine that tourists and travelers can request in the bar. This will definitely be a prime moment to embed in the mind.

Save: Relax by the White Beach area while drinking fruit juices

Relaxing and sunbathing by the sandy shore is a hundred percent free. Receive the bounty of the glorious sun on this almighty tropical paradise. The clear blue sky and the cool breeze of the sea will calm the mind of every adventurer. Boracay’s sunset at the White Beach area will clear all the stress that they accumulated back in the city. Pinnacle Boracay has its own Private Access going to the beachfront. To stay hydrated, buy organic fruit juices in the restaurant or just ask any staff. This experience will make you refreshed and give you a taste of the world-renowned fruits of the Philippines.

4) Splurge: Ride the ATV to explore the itineraries

Boracay is a beautiful vacation domain with great tourist spots, as you will notice in this helpful guide. Therefore, you may also check out an ATV (all-terrain vehicle). You will be able to drive your own car to all of the top destinations on your Boracay itinerary. You’ll get access to a track as well as your personal guide to ensure you don’t get lost. The first stop is a drive all the way to Mt. Luho’s Ocean Tower, where a 360-degree panorama of both sides of Boracay Island is waiting. The main beach and the rear beach (Bulabog Beach). Dreamland / Trick Art Museum is a great place to take photos. Finally, a soothing plunge at Puka Shell Beach in Boracay follows the ATV driving.

Save: Trek and hike the vicinity

A man resting on a sandy beach while using his tablet device
A man resting on a sandy beach while using his tablet device. (Image credit: Adobe Stock)

The sanctuary is relatively small in land area compared to other isles in the country. As a result, stayers can roam the island with just a two-hour walk. This exploration is worth it as you can see the real-life and customs of the locals residing on the island. You will also have a glimpse of hidden spots that most travelers haven’t had the pleasure of witnessing. It will be better if you will have a companion to talk to while immersing and absorbing the bountiful nature. If you also like other means, rent a bicycle to wander into different areas of the Boracay Island.

5) Splurge: Pay for a Dinner Yacht Cruise

If splurging is the topic, what can beat sailing around the picturesque Boracay island on a magnificent 42-foot Fountaine Pajot Venezia Catamaran? The catamaran was built in France and featured three cabins, two bathrooms, a U-shaped cockpit seating space, and a vast deck, saloon, and galley. Enjoy a secluded, intimate setting with views of the gorgeous beach and crystal-clear ocean. Invite your friends and family to join you on a relaxing day sail with a maximum capacity of 18 people. The day, afternoon, and twilight Boracay sails are all included, so you can bond over excellent food, beverages and even go swimming or snorkeling!

Save: Chill in a Paraw Sail on your Boracay Vacation

There are many ways to enjoy Boracay’s world-renowned beauty, but what could be more exemplary than watching the sunset while cruising the island’s waters in a humble boat with your loved ones? Aboard a colorful paraw or traditional Filipino boat, this 2-hour tour around the area allows you to take in the beautiful views. The whole sail is a breathtakingly gorgeous excursion around the island, accompanied by paraw sailors. As the sun sets on the Boracay horizon, let your eyes guide you to the sky turning a lovely orange-pink color, a great subject for photography or even a background for your vacation portraits.

Your Choice

This statement leads to the conclusion that nothing on the part of Boracay constrains you as a prospect traveler. No amount of satisfaction can compare to what is waiting as you set foot at this attraction. Going now is the perfect choice for the perfect place in the world.

Heading off to Boracay? Check out our highly recommended accommodation package, perfect for new and returning island tourists:

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