100 Must Brings When You Visit Boracay (Checklists For Millennials and Gen Z Tourists)

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April 3, 2022
Aaron Lowel Santomin
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Everything will be more accessible when you tour Boracay if you know what you need to do and what to have. Going to Boracay for the first time can get quite overwhelming and stressful, especially when you need to start packing your things. One might even wonder if they need to bring a certain item or just let it be. More importantly, for Millennials and Gen Z visiting Boracay, who have so many things in mind in the prospect of travel, remembering all of them is nearly impossible. Here are some checklists of what to bring that Millennials and Gen Z tourists can use as reference when visiting Boracay.

The Sunset of Boracay makes a great Instagram background for today's Millennials and gen Z tourists. (Image credit: Freepik)
The Sunset of Boracay makes a great Instagram background for today’s Millennials and gen Z tourists. (Image credit: Freepik)

For context, Millenials and Gen Z are the people born from 1981 to 2012. Essentially, they are the younger folks in terms of age. They are the new pillars of society, so having a vacation should be the time to recharge and wellness. One cannot do it if one forgets some essentials. Having all the items that you need will save you a big chunk of resources for the duration of your Boracay visit. To save you some slack, here are 100 things that you need to bring on your next Boracay escapade.

Boracay First Aid Kits and Emergency Medicines Checklists for Millennials

1) Disposal Gloves

For no-wash hands, you might want to bring some disposal gloves during your Boracay trip. This will prevent cross-contamination between you and whatever you need to touch. Short-length and wrist-length types of gloves should be the ones that you have in your first aid kit. Remember to dispose of the used ones properly after one usage.

For example, if you are cleaning a minor wound on the knee, before anything else, you should wear gloves to avoid any complications resulting from the contact. There may also be sharp shells that may prick your foot. Using gloves is also important in removing these from the affected area.

2) Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion is a medication best for mild cases of itchiness and rashes. You need to apply it whenever you are suffering from sunburn, insect bites, and other minor skin irritations on the beaches of Boracay. The most common active ingredient in these items is usually the combination of iron oxide and zinc oxide. They are over-the-counter medications, so everyone will be able to buy them.

After an entire day of traveling Boracay and you have felt a minor discomfort in different parts of your body, apply the calamine lotion generously to ease the swelling or rashes. Constantly remember that you are in a new location and a lot of things that can irritate you are unknowable.

3) Hand Sanitizer

Keep yourself clean and safe from bacteria and germs by constantly sanitizing your hand. In the time of covid, a hand sanitizer is a must-include in any checklists, especially for any Boracay tourists not only Millennials and Gen Zs.

There are thousands of tourists in Boracay, so it’s always good to be cautious. Remember to pick a sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol content. As you use it, gently coat your palms and every finger. Rub it all over your hands until such time that it naturally dries.

Whenever you touch something as you are shopping on the streets, apply hand sanitizer since many people may have also touched those items. After eating, if there is no running water in the area, use your sanitizer.

4) Alcohol

To prevent contamination of some open wounds caused by injuries from water activities, isopropyl alcohol is a necessary commodity. This is also a good substitute for sanitizers. In fact, rubbing alcohol is considered a natural antibacterial therapy. This implies that it kills germs but does not necessarily stop them from multiplying. Rubbing alcohol can also kill fungus and viruses. However, it’s critical to use a rubbing alcohol solution with a concentration of at least 50% for greater effectiveness.

You can also use rubbing alcohol when sanitizing your own items such as cellphones, chargers, and your other travel essentials. The right time to use it is before leaving or after going to a public place in Boracay. Make it a habit since viruses are still lurking.

5) Band-Aid

Band-Aid is essential for covering minor cuts and wounds, so it’s recommended for Millennials to include this on their Boracay checklists to bring. A covered wound does have a lower chance of developing noticeable scars compared to uncovered ones. The former also has a relatively lower chance of developing an infection. You will also feel more comfortable as your wound is safely resting with Band-Aid on. The uncovered wound also tends to develop unsightly scabs that are both itchy and unpleasant. The good thing about Band-Aid is that there are variants for different skin types. Therefore, for minor wounds that you might have after a day of intense activities, this item is the answer. No matter how minor this item is, you should always bring a band-aid anywhere, not only in Boracay.

6) Gauze Pad

These are an all-around staple for cleaning, dressing, preparing, and covering wounds for a more extended amount of time. It is a white cloth that is usually 4*4″ made from cotton or polyester or a mixture of both. Gauze comes in a range of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses and can be woven or nonwoven, sterile or nonsterile, plain or impregnated, and fenestrated (perforated or with slits). Gauze pads are appropriate for different wounds and injuries like burns, punctures, and even fractures.

Boracay travelers should be ready for whatever may happen during their activities. Having this with you while you tour the island can prevent severe complications.

7) Instant Ice Pack

An Ice pack is a cold pack containing regular water and a mixture of different compounds that can freeze the water instantaneously. Apply an ice pack if you are experiencing pain, swelling, and inflammation if your feet get sore from walking too much at the beach.

An instant ice pack can help reduce swelling if you suffer from a sprain from a physically intensive venture like swimming and volleyball. Just be careful not to place it too close to the eyes to prevent chemical reactions whenever a leak occurs.

8) Bug Bite Repellent

Whenever you are hiking and exploring the lush surrounding of Boracay, encountering insects and bugs is unpreventable. The tropical climate of the island makes it a favorable location for bugs. Accounting for the worst-case scenario, these insects may even bring dengue or malaria to tourists.

You can buy bug repellents in any local drugstores or groceries. They come in a variety of sizes and scents. One can purchase a spray-one kind or lotion type. As an alternative, eucalyptus oil can also do a good job of repelling small bugs. Whenever you are biking on the trails of Mount Luho or exploring the underground bat caves, applying this item is a must.

9) Cotton Balls

Cotton balls are a complimentary item when cleaning wounds, along with alcohol and band-aids. Look for cotton balls that are soft, gentle, cool to the skin, and adequately absorbs their accompanying liquid.

Whenever there is an open wound, the first thing to do is to damp it with a cleanser through the use of cotton balls. This can also serve as a temporary cover for the injury. You can also use cotton balls in many different ways, such as moisturizing and even on face cleansing after a wearing day in the isle.

10) Painkillers

Painkillers are a type of medication that relieves different kinds of illnesses such as headaches, toothaches, and even arthritis. Jetlag or sea sickness when going to Boracay by ferry can induce headaches for any age. Whenever one experiences toothaches from medical complications, consuming one will ease the pain for a significant amount of time. For elderlies that are roaming, this will be a big help for you to enjoy the sights and location to the fullest extent without worrying about joint pain and stiffness. Just remember to drink only at the right dosage. Some painkillers are on a prescription-only basis, so better consult your doctors on what to bring on your escapade.

11) Cold Medicines/Paracetamol

Your body might not be able to adjust instantly to the island’s warm weather, so you may experience minor symptoms of a cold. Have it consumed whenever someone has a fever, sneezing, or coughing. Paracetamols are generally safe to ingest for everyone. Just remember not to take another paracetamol with another of the same variant. You can take cold medicines with or without food. If the symptoms still persist, drink another one after 4 hours of the initial consumption.

For your children, there are some that come in syrup form, which is easier to ingest for them. A little of this and a good rest will enable you to enjoy Boracay’s wealth for the coming day.

12) Loperamide

Loperamide is medicine you need to treat diarrhea. It works by slowing down the gut’s movement. This reduces the frequency of bowel motions while also making the feces less liquid. You might have eaten various foods on the island that might be new to your stomach. There are exotic street foods like isaw, balut, proven, adidas that are irresistibly delicious. It’s just that some people are not just familiar with these dishes. This, in effect, upsets their stomach. Having diarrhea in the midst of your Boracay vacation is both uncomfortable and unbearable. Keeping it ready will let you prevent an outburst, so to speak, in public.

13) Antihistamines

When your body comes into touch with an allergy trigger, such as pollen, food triggers, pet dander, or dust mites, your immune system produces substances known as histamines. They cause your nose tissue to enlarge (making it stuffy), your eyes and nose to run, and your eyes, nose, and mouth to itch. Antihistamines are pills to cure sudden allergy attacks. Since the Boracay surrounding is uncontrollable and you cannot choose who you come across with, there may be some triggering allergens whenever you are roaming the island. This sick sensation will spoil the fun, so always have one in your pocket in case of emergency.

14) Thermometer

A thermometer is a temperature measuring instrument, typically a sealed glass tube containing a column of liquid, such as mercury, that expands and contracts or rises and falls in response to temperature changes. you might want to bring a thermometer if you will visit the island to monitor your body temperature, especially if you have kids with you. There are a lot of portable thermometers, such as the ones that you can place in the mouth. There are also some that do not require contact, such as an infrared thermometer. Scan your temperature immediately when you start to feel under the weather.

Gadgets and Technology Checklists for Millennials Going to Boracay

Millennials, don't forget to add your snorkels to your checklists when visiting Boracay. (Image credit: Pexels.com)
Millennials, don’t forget to add your snorkels to your checklists when visiting Boracay. (Image credit: Pexels.com)

15) Cellphone

This gadget is one of the most important items Millennials and Gen Z Boracay tourists should always have on their checklists. Travelers may use mobile phones to access a wide range of services, from destination information to practical tools to assist in planning a trip and even booking various services. They can also help you communicate no matter how far you travel. As a millennial, this will be your safe haven when you are waiting for something or someone, posting a story on your socials as you brag about the visuals of Station 1, or calling your friends for a meetup in White Beach. One can do more with just his phone at his side.

16) Earphones/Headsets

Amidst your travels, keep this device to keep you relaxed and entertained throughout the journey. When traveling to Boracay by plane, there are a variety of noises that you cannot control. A decent set of noise-canceling headphones, on the other hand, can filter out such sounds to varying degrees, making them ideal for flights. For many, music is life. Having the accompaniment of funky music on your head while walking on the sandy shores of Puka Beach is an experience worthy of a music video. Moreover, if sleep is hard to find, playing a relaxing song will ease your mind and transport you to the land of dreams.

17) Waterproof GoPro

Action cameras are the route to shooting your most immersive and compelling Boracay vacation imaginable because of their high-speed, high-resolution capabilities. They are extremely popular among surfers, cyclists, climbers, and tourists since they bring viewers as near to your most cherished moments as possible without really being there. The majority of your time in the isle will probably be splashing around in the water; that is why it is crucial to invest in an action camera. Capture the mystery of the underwater kingdom with your GoPro. Document your scuba moment, helmet diving experience, and even your windsurfing at Bulabog Beach. This footage will be fun to watch with those who have not had the pleasure to be at Boracay.

18) Selfie Drone/Selfie Stick

Any selfie lover, and even some photographers, will benefit from having a nice selfie stick. Selfie sticks are popular tourist items because they allow you to be more creative with angles, group photographs, and the composition of the images that you are capturing. There are a lot of picture-perfect itineraries to capture in Boracay, like the famous Willy’s Rock, Angel’s Point, or even the airy Main Lobby of Pinnacle Resort & Villas Boracay. Pose and guise with your family or friends for a perfect angle with the use of your selfie stick.

To one-up other Millennials in Boracay, opt for selfie drones instead on your checklists. Selfie drones are small, light quadcopters that you can use to snap selfies from afar rather than using a “phone and a stick.”

19) Power Bank

Power banks are becoming more widespread as people use more battery-powered devices: everything from cell phones to battery-powered headphones, portable speakers, and MP3 players you can charge it using a power bank. They provide a simple and handy way to charge smartphones and other gadgets while you are away from a wall outlet.

Surely, it is a bummer whenever you experience low battery power during your Boracay exploration. Always have a backup power bank to recharge the juice of your devices for a more enjoyable escapade. 10000-20000 mAH is the recommended type to purchase. Recently, wireless power banks are making noise, so look for it when you want a cooler and more innovative device.

20) Bluetooth Speakers

You are in Boracay just to have fun without a single care for your city life. Whenever you are chilling on your island resort hotel room or on the sandy shore, start the music and elevate the experience with a louder boom of music. A Bluetooth speaker differs from regular speakers in that it does not require a wired connection to function. You can connect to the Bluetooth speaker wirelessly if the gadget in your hand supports Bluetooth. It’s also lightweight and portable, making it easy to use and transport no matter where you are. For those who are curious about the music quality, note that it does not compromise the tunes. Waterproof speakers are more fitted when you want to bring them to Boracay, Philippines.

21) Digital Cameras

A digital camera is a piece of hardware that captures images and saves them as data on a memory card. Unlike an analog camera, which exposes film chemicals to light, a digital camera registers the strength and color of light and turns it into pixel data using digital optical components. Everything will do for a camera as long as you have a picture taker, whether it is a DSLR or a Polaroid type. Capture every best memory you have created on the island on Boracay. Some even say that the best souvenirs that you can get are pictures.

22) Chargers

Millennials in Boracay will not survive without their phone’s soulmate in one of their checklists. Do not ever forget your chargers to avoid inconvenience in finding one while staycationing in Boracay. When your phone or laptop’s battery power is running low, you plug in a charger. It’s critical to know the sort of charger your gadgets require if you’re taking them on vacation. Different models of phones have different cords for the charger. Android phones have types ranging from A, B, C. Apple phones have a distinct universal charger for all iPhone models issued.

23) Converters or Adaptors

An adapter is a unique device that connects electrical equipment to a power source or multiple pieces of electrical or electronic equipment together. Your devices may have different types of plugs, especially if you are from a foreign country. Always bring an adaptor that will match perfectly to the electrical outlet. Boracay operates at 220V supply voltage. However, most of the island resort hotels have appropriate outlets for both 220V and 110V users. Plugging into an outlet with different voltages poses a danger for your device but also to the electrical system of the establishment. Whenever in doubt, always ask the receptionist.

24) Electronic Reader

Reading a book while bathing and savoring the blessing of the Boracay sun is one of the best pleasures on beaches. Look for a more modern invention and purchase an electronic reader.

An e-book reader is a portable electronic device for reading digital books and periodicals, better known as e-books. The e-book reader is normally usable and can operate over long hours by consuming minimal power. Most e-book readers rely on e-ink technology for their displays. This gadget can read you countless texts with a weight of a small notebook. Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular e-readers as of the moment.

Accessories Checklists For Millennial Boracay Tourists

25) Sunglasses

Sunglasses or sun glasses, informally known as shades or sunnies, are a type of protective eyewear meant to shield the eyes from intense sunshine and high-energy visible light. They can also be used as visual assistance on occasions like beach weddings or corporate gettogether. Sunglasses will be your eye protector from excessive UV Rays that you might feel due to the exposure to the sun while island hopping in Crocodile Island, Carabao Island, and Hinugtan Beach. Additionally, this is one of the best accessories that you can wear. Make it more youthful by buying a colorful one that will parallel the vibrant color of the sea and sky.

26) Pearl Necklaces

The Philippines is called the Pearl of the Orient because of its stunning allure, just like a pearl. Moreover, the country is one of the traditional sources of authentic pearl and shell jewelry. Having that in mind, pearl necklaces are the way to go for a style that will show your love for the islands of the country. To get a more prominent beach style, choose a pearl necklace that will elevate your clothes and vibe. This is best worn during a cabana or beach party. There are also street vendors in Boracay selling their very own pearl crafts that are available at an affordable price.

27) Earrings

An earring is a personal adornment that hangs from the ear and is normally suspended by a ring or hook that passes through a piercing hole in the lobe of the ear or, more recently, by a screwed clip. Big and shiny earrings are among the most popular choices when on the island. For some, creative designs became the trend. For example, round sandy beach earring goes well with flowing dresses for women. Flowers resins and seashells can also be a nice touch. Find the ones that make you comfortable to wear. If not, immediately remove the earrings that you wore.

28) Anklets

Anklets, also known as ankle bracelets, are a fun and playful beach accessory for putting a final touch to more formal ensembles or spicing up casual clothes. Whether you’ve worn ankle chains before or want to try something new, you’ve come to the correct spot. It is an accessory that transforms the wearer into an authentic islander since this item is popular with the locals even before the advancement of the area. Some say that wearing an anklet on your right foot is a signifier that you are single and ready to mingle. Be it a funny rumor, the real interpretation by some, wearing it provides beauty. Excellent tribal designs are available and aplenty in the street markets of Station 2.

29) Bucket Hat

A hat is another protection that will shield your face from the Boracay sun. A bucket hat is a soft cotton hat with a wide, slanted brim that is worn by both men and women. The brim protects the eyes and face from the sun. They’re frequently composed of canvas or heavy-duty cotton textiles like denim. On hot Boracay days, the two metal eyelets on either side of the hat provide ventilation and help keep you cool. It might be fun to feel the warmth of the sun but having too much of it is harmful. This is the best accessory to wear when on a private jet cruise, paraw sailing, or even as you jet ski on the sea.

30) Hair Trinkets

Having unkempt hair is a big fashion no-no in Boracay. Fix your hair into braids, ponytails, or just a flow-away style with the help of fantastic hair accessories that will accentuate your face. The key to being a hair accessory person is to wear the items rather than allowing them to wear you. To put it another way, keep it basic understated, and most importantly, select a clip, band, scarf, or scrunchie that you like. Having a trinket or two creates a major difference in your look.

Furthermore, using clips and scrunchie enables you to appreciate the scenery of the island without being distracted as your hair moves uncontrollably. One of the best examples is when you will be trying Zipline and Zorbing. Tie your hair in a clean manner for a richer experience.

31) Sandals

Sandals are open-toed shoes with a sole that is secured to the wearer’s foot by straps that run over the instep and around the ankle. Strolling Puka Beach will give every tripper the tranquility and peace that they lack. However, some sediments are pretty sharp and can pierce through the skin. Therefore, walk without worry in your sandals.

Another good thing about sandals is that you can wear them wherever you are without being awkward. You can wear them while shopping at markets in Boracay or even as footwear for a celebration that you prepared for someone by the beach. Simply said, it transcends the boundary of being casual or formal wear.

32) Headband

As the wind blows, your long hair follows. Fixing it can be annoying if it happens every single time. Headbands will help you keep it mended for the whole duration of your travels. A headband is a hair item that is worn in the hair or around the forehead to keep hair off of the face and eyes. A loop of elastic material or a horseshoe-shaped piece of flexible plastic or metal is used to make headbands. They are available in a variety of forms and sizes and are perfect for both fashion and functional or utilitarian reasons.

When participating in a yoga session in the vicinity, fixing your hair with a headband will make you appear neat. When learning martial arts in the Legacy Gym, having a headband will allow you to make moves without many worries.

33) Sarong

Sarong is a multi-purpose cloth that is now a chic accompaniment to swimsuits. Now, even men are starting to use this all-in-one item since its functionality is now not defined by gender. For one, you can use a sarong as a beach mat or sheet. When you just want to lay on your back, sarong will be the answer. To cover the lower portion of the body, a sarong can also be your body protector. It can be a shawl that can make you feel warm as the night cold starts to linger.

There are no right or wrong answers on how a sarong should wear. Enjoy your Boracay moment and appreciate its versatility.

34) Hippie Hair Band

A Boracay beach getaway is a nice avenue to show off your wild and exotic personality. Your choice of travel accessories can also reflect this. Hippie or Bohemian hair accessories that feature colorful designs, a variety of gems, and some designs that are based on nature. They are one of the most popular accessories when going to an event in Boracay. They are usually composed of floral and feather tassels that are creative and flexible. If you cannot buy one in the city, you have a multitude of options that you can try and buy from the hospitable vendors that put all their hearts to make this craft.

35) Contact Lenses

A contact lens is a thin, curved lens that is worn over the tear film that covers your eye’s surface. The lens is inherently transparent; however, it is typically tinted to make it simpler to manage for users. Whether it’s a prescription lens or just for fun, wearing a contact lens will bring about your eye-catching aura. Experiment with various colors of lenses to see your favorite look. If you use this for medical reasons, always bring the whole kit. It is a gentle reminder to be careful not to lose it while swimming in the open sea.

36) Sturdy Shoes

During an intensive Boracay activity, hefty shoes will save you time and energy. They can also save you from a lot of dangerous situations that you might encounter. Since the island has an unusual landscape, wearing one will help you prevent falls, slips, and trips from the obstacles that you might encounter. For one, biking or hiking in Mount Luho necessitates proper gear from head to toe. When trying eco-tours by foot, rubber shoes will make it easier to reach the destination without being too fatigued.

Clothes To Bring For Millennials and Gen Z Boracay Tourists

37) Denim Shorts

Denim shorts, like a light dress or a pair of comfortable shoes, are a Boracay must-have. Denim shorts give out a very casual look that is appropriate in the haven. It also complements the shade of the blue from the ocean, so it’s a good pair. Find the perfect ones that will completely complement your style and fashion. It will do for any gender.

When meeting some friends for a meal in DMall, denim shorts should be your go-to wear. When you just want to show off your body, wearing short denim will emphasize the summer body that you worked hard to tone.

38) Tank Top

To feel the gust of Boracay’s wind and feel prime comfortability, a tank top is an answer. Tourists can move wherever they want and can proceed to do every venture without a wardrobe malfunction. Tank tops are fundamental millennials’ and Gen Zs wardrobe basics; they’re the items that everyone owns simply because they appear to be a wardrobe cornerstone. Tank shirts are on-trend and absolutely ageless, no matter what’s on your calendar.

To feel the refreshing gust as it blows, sleeveless tops are the answer. When exercising or you just want to work out at the beach area, this cloth option should be the first thing on your mind.

39) Bohemian Polo

A Bohemian style is a free-spirited statement that they will not be adhering to rigorous conventional conventions of behavior. And millennials who adore their apparel like to dress in a bohemian way. A Bohemian polo will make you look cooler and wilder. For those who will be attending parties, such as weddings and birthday celebrations, this look screams classic Boracay. It is the right mix of casual and semi-formal. You will indeed catch some stares because of how you will be standing out in the crowd.

40) Bathing Suit

A swimsuit is a piece of clothing meant to be worn by those participating in water-based Boracay activities or water sports like swimming, diving, and surfing, as well as sun-oriented activities like sunbathing. Men, women, and children can all wear various varieties. Be confident to show off your figure with your preferred bathing suit without hesitation. Whether it is a two-piece or a one-piece garment, every type is welcome. Boracay folks are very welcoming, so you will be able to show off some skin if you want to. Wearing it will also make you feel that you are now a legitimate Boracay tourist.

41) Swimming Trunks

Swim trunks are a type of swimwear or swimming-specific clothes. They are most commonly worn by men. They’re frequently composed of fabrics that are engineered to get wet while being comfortable and hydrodynamic, so they don’t obstruct the swimmer. They differ from underwear that may have a similar form because of the materials used. Shorts that are for swimming dry quickly and do not shrink whenever you are in the water. There are also a wide variety of designs that men can choose from. This is the perfect wear as you ride the Boracay waves and do some helmet diving underwater.

42) Kimono Vest

The kimono is a T-shaped, wrapped-front garment with square sleeves and a rectangular body that is worn with the left side over the right. The kimono is generally worn with a broad sash, known as an obi, and is frequently paired with zori sandals and tabi stockings. They are the national dress of Japan. Due to globalization, the kimono has been adapted to fit into a wider target market. You can use it as a cover cloth to the sun as you do all kinds of stuff on the beach. Moreover, it is a fabulous outfit in its own right. Men and women can wear this outfit.

43) Crop Top

A crop top is a top that falls just above or around the navel, exposing the midriff portion. It’s also known as a “belly shirt” or a “cutoff shirt.” An effortless outfit for women tourists who just want to feel comfortable while not compromising a dashing entrance. Crop tops are more popular with teenagers or beachgoers with athletic built since this complements their fit bodies accordingly. Nowadays, cropped jackets and blazers have grown fashionable, whereas shirt hemlines have mostly stayed unchanged. A crop top is an essential outfit fitting for the magnificence of the tropical paradise.

44) Rash Guard

To prevent skin discoloration after too many hours of sunbathing in Boracay, a rash guard is crucial. A rash guard is an athletic shirt made of spandex, nylon, or polyester that protects the wearer’s skin from rashes, chafing, and scrapes when swimming. It was initially created for surfers. It’s also known as a sun shirt since it’s a terrific method to shield oneself from the heat while also serving as a coverup for your swimwear.

When choosing a rash guard or sun shirt, comfort and usefulness are important considerations. Depending on the activity, finding the correct fit might be difficult. For beach sports, you should wear rash guards while in the water. It can also be the clothes that you will wear as you participate in beach volley.

45) Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses may be the best clothes for women who are touring in Boracay. It’s a long dress that reaches the tops of the feet or ankles. You can dress it up or down, and it can be worn for almost any beach-related occasion. Women will demonstrate extreme elegance and refinement with this wear. Things to consider when picking a maxi dress include the aspect of being lightweight, flowy, or form-fitting, and should be versatile or can be worn with layers.

Maxi dresses have become the top alternative for brides who have planned a beach Boracay wedding. Instead of the traditional long gown, maxi dresses gave the beach vibe while not giving up the beauty.

46) Oversized Button Down

The phrase “oversized” refers to the roomiest fit conceivable, with no abled body definition at all. It conjures up images of slouching, bulk, and a lack of structure. The most fashionable and edgy fit is an oversized fit. It’s all about proportions once you start wearing big clothing. This is a unisex fit. You can style it by tucking it in in fitted pants or by wearing it as is with stylish shorts. Oversized shirts give enough space for your body to be comfortable even while doing various Boracay activities.

47) Summer Shorts

Summer shorts are a functional, comfy, and fashionable piece of garments. Classic, short, elongated, loose-fit, and patterned shorts are best recommended for displaying your originality at the beach. Hawaiian and tribal patterned shorts are a nice snappy touch to make yourself comfortable throughout your Boracay vacation. They also set off a nice combination with the beach setting. Summer shorts are so fashionable you can wear them anytime, anywhere, and by whoever.

48) Pajamas

Pajamas, often called pyjamas, are loose two-piece suits consisting of pants and a shirt, made of silk, cotton, or synthetic material and used for sleeping or lounging. During the night, the Boracay temperature shifts into a breezy cold. Pajamas cover your body from the cold for a good night’s sleep that will energize you for tomorrow’s hectic activities. Wearing this clothing will also lessen the risk of developing flu and cold during your trip. Moreover, your day clothes are too uncomfortable to sleep in. Some might even be too ragged and dirty for a hygienic conclusion. Wearing a pajama will help you get a comfortable night’s sleep for the rest of your slumber time.

49) Jogging Pants

Joggers are a type of trousers with a drawstring or elastic waist, tapered legs, and tight cuffs that are used for exercise or comfort. Energizing activities require an outfit where you can make various moves even after many times. Wearing jogging pants will ensure that you can perform at your utmost performance and reach your true potential.

Originally, jogging pants were used for athletic purposes. However, time caught up, and it became mainstream to also wear them on different occasions. They are not just for the gym; they can also be your casual wear as you eat in various restaurants at DMall. Alternatively, they can also be your loungewear.

50) Light Sweaters/Hoodie

A sweater is a form of pull-over or jacket that is specifically knitted, crocheted, or woven with wool, cotton, and silk. They are primarily used as a defense against the cold. It keeps your joints and muscles warm as you go outside. In Boracay, sometimes the weather gets unpredictable, so it would not hurt to be ready and bring one with you. This can also be fine clothes when in a bar or partying. You can also wear hoodies when you are in the airport as you sleep and wait for your boarding schedule.

51) Workout Gear

Add to your travel baggage the gym clothes that you want to use in Boracay. The gyms in your hotel accommodations are state of the art, so make the most out of it. Sports textiles are technological fabrics that assist the wearer in staying comfortable while exercising. The sort of cloth used will be determined by the exercise’s and activity’s intensity. Yoga gear should be made of textiles that have a lot of elasticity to allow for comfortable movement, which means it will most likely be knitted. Long-distance running apparel with great moisture-wicking characteristics will you comfortable traversing White Beach by allowing perspiration to travel from the inside to the outside of the garment.

ID’s and Requirements Boracay Checklists for Millennials

Will Millennials be able to fit all the items on these checklists into their bags for their next Boracay visit? (Image credit: Adobe Stock)
Will Millennials be able to fit all the items on these checklists into their bags for their next Boracay visit? (Image credit: Adobe Stock)

52) Passport

A passport is a government-issued official travel document that contains your personal identification. It will allow you to travel to and from other nations as well as obtain consular assistance while abroad. The document verifies the holder’s personal identification and nationality.

First of all, you might not need your passport when traveling to Boracay, but bring it anyway. You can present this as a valid ID during departure and arrival at Caticlan National Airport. It’s a no-brainer to bring this item. Arguably, this is one of the most important documents when traveling to Boracay, especially for foreign tourists or OFW. When you still do not have one, apply now so you will be eligible to take in the sights of the isle.

53) Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is a legal document that certifies a child’s birth. It is an official document that contains information on a person’s birth date and location, as well as his or her name, sex, mother’s name, and (typically) father’s name. The term “birth certificate” can refer to the original document, as well as a certified accurate copy or representation of the original record of birth. This is just a backup requirement, so you have proof of identity whenever a Boracay establishment requires it. This will also be valid proof whenever you will be availing of birthday promos organized by hotels and restaurants.

54) Student ID

All full-time and part-time students at a post-secondary institution will have a unique number called a student identification number. Every student receives an identity card that includes their name, ID number, and a photograph of themselves. This ID is generated at random when you apply to a university or college. This document is another identification material for Gen Z. For those who still have no valid ID such as Voter’s ID or National ID, especially the minor, this will be as good as the other verification files needed for explorers.

55) CoVID19 Vaccination Certificate

The COVID pandemic changed many aspects of international travel. One example is the added requirement of a Vaccination Certificate. This is a document that will serve as proof of eligible vaccination in your home country for COVID 19. Different countries have different procedures of requesting, but most can now be done online. In the Philippines, authorized vaccination certificates are required in order for you to be admitted to Boracay. Tourists should have taken the full course of a specific vaccine brand accepted, and it should have been more than seven days or so. It is also a prerequisite to present this before transacting with any establishments.

56) Tourist QR Code

When in Boracay, tourists will need to acquire a unique QR code that will serve as the contact tracing mechanism wherever they go. Just register at https://touristboracay.com to get your own code. Before accomplishing the form that will give you the QR Code, you are required to present a Valid ID as well as your proof of vaccination status. You should have also have in you the booking slip from an accredited hotel and a copy of your flight details. After that, you should receive your unique code which you have a choice to print it or save a digital copy on your cellphones.

57) Credit Cards

A credit card is a small rectangular piece of plastic or metal provided by a bank or financial services business that enables cardholders to borrow cash to pay for products and services at merchants that accept credit cards. There will be shopping malls and restaurants that accept different types of payment methods. There are those who accept cash, digital currency, and even your credit card institution. Most of your cards will be accepted, but it is still better to ask to avoid inconvenience and misunderstanding. With all the money at your disposal, spend and splurge without hassle while in paradise.

58) Boarding Passes

A boarding pass is a document issued by an airline at check-in that allows a passenger to board an airplane for a particular flight. It identifies the passenger, the flight number, and the date and time of departure. For a newbie Boracay vacationer, it is advisable to book at the earliest time possible to get the cheapest flight on that certain day. You will also be able to enjoy the benefit of preparing early and start packing all the things that you will need for your journey. As the quote says, the early bird catches the worm. It isn’t a worm that you will catch but the best memories on the tropic.

59) Reservation Copies (for Activities)

There are many convenient ways to schedule your activities in Boracay conveniently. Just by reserving your slot online, you will not experience an annoying queue that will waste your time further. Additionally, many activity establishments and island-resort hotels in Boracay have promotional offerings for prospective tourists. Some even go as low as 50% markdown. You get to save a lot of cash for your other spending. Before the scheduled date, print the slip for faster accommodation on the actual date. A copy on your phone is also a good idea to have an assurance that you have it anytime with you.

60) Cash

When traveling in Boracay, having spare cash is always a good idea. You can use it when purchasing small items in street shops and some thrifty bites on the streets. Always have a small portion of Philippine bills and cash so you can buy small items as you roam. As a tip, exchange your money during your arrival at the airport since the charges and exchanges are favorable to the tourist. Nonetheless, if the situation requires, there are money changers available across the island with a charged price. For your information, 1 US Dollar is approximately Php 51 as of this writing.

61) Emergency Contacts Copy

Accounting for the worst possible scenario, it is crucial to have a list of emergency contacts that people can call whenever you are in a pinch. In the case of a medical emergency or another urgent scenario while you are touring Boracay, an emergency contact list is a set of readily available contact information for persons in your life who should be called. This list should include not only your relatives. You should include in your list the contact information for your home, office or any other family member’s employment. Their relationship to you, as well as their contact information, should be clearly noted for easier contact.

Applications and Websites To Checkout For Your Boracay Visit

62) Agoda

Agoda provides Boracay travelers with easy access to a wide choice of luxury and budget hotels, apartments, homes, and villas to suit all budgets and travel occasions. Agoda mobile application can be accessed in 39 languages and comes with a 24/7 customer support service. Traveling in Boracay will be less than a hassle and worrying about every single thing. It will be more about being in the moment and letting other people do the work.

63) Traveloka

Traveloka offers users access to a wide selection of transportation, lodging, lifestyle activities, and financial services items you can discover and purchase in Boracay. Traveloka is currently well-established throughout Southeast Asia and Australia. It has lately grown to include lifestyle items and services such as tickets to attractions, excursions, auto rentals, and restaurant coupons. Traveloka is similar to Expedia in terms of functionality. The user interface is newbie-friendly, and you will easily get the hang of it even if you are not tech-savvy. It also focuses only on relevant information that will be of use to you as a visitor, such as when you travel to Boracvay.

64) Booking.com

Booking.com is a website that allows you to make Boracay reservations online. They function as a mediator (agent) between guests looking to book a room and your hotel, property, or short-term/vacation rental. This company is on a mission to make it easy for everyone to travel throughout the world.

Booking.com places a bet on technology to make your travel to Boracay more convenient. From villas to hotels and beyond, Booking.com links millions of tourists with unique experiences, numerous transportation choices, and fantastic lodgings. Booking.com, as one of the world’s leading travel platforms, brings together established brands and small businesses of all kinds, making it simple for lodgings from all over the globe to access a worldwide audience.

65) Klook

An abbreviation of “Keep Looking, Klook connects local businesses to aspiring travelers who want to avail different kinds of services that they offer. They are now operating in 350 countries and their goal is to enhance the traveler’s experience in a very stress-free way.

Klook will assist you in determining what to do once you get to Boracay. It provides tourists with a smooth method to find and schedule fun things to do with tons of activities in 1,000+ places across the island. They target those travelers that are spontaneous and free to try every single thing that they come across.

66) MyBoracayGuide

MyGuides Inc. is a travel company in the Philippines that was started in 2008. They specialize in providing a welcoming, well-informed online travel experience for foreigners who fell in love with the treasure of the Philippines. They attempt to provide the best hotel choices, the best pricing, and a quick and easy booking process with the specialization with everything entirely Pinoy.

This website is your certified islander online guide in many of the island’s activities and sights. It has an extensive explanation of the ventures and everything that you will need to know. They also have a booking feature that allows tourists to book directly in a very short amount of time.

67) TripAdvisor

It is a travel website that helps users collect travel information, write reviews and thoughts about travel-related material, and participate in interactive travel forums. Look for the highest-rated establishment so you can only have the best in Boracay. A four to five stars rating means that the business is recommended and having a good time is assured. For those who have one to two stars, start considering other options for the category.

Beach Essentials

68) Waterproof Phone Case

The finest waterproof phone covers also keep sand, dust, and debris out, as well as offer some drop protection. They provide substantially greater water resistance than even the greatest smartphones, and many of them float, allowing you to quickly retrieve your phone if it falls into the Boracay sea. Having this item on your backpack will save you the hassle of finding stores that sells them at a higher cost. This case will protect your phone as you ride along the rapid waves of the island or as you try to do some underwater photography for your improvised travel magazine.

69) Beer Chiller Sticks

There’s nothing to beat a cold beer. To preserve the chill and coolness of your beverages, invest in a chiller stick that will maintain it even after many hours. Beer chiller sticks need to be frozen and then you place them into your beer bottle or cup to cool it down or maintain it at a comfortable temperature while you drink. They won’t take a beer from room temperature to straight to freezing, but they’ll do the trick if you only want to cool it down a few degrees. Nonetheless, it will make a huge difference since the warmth of the sun goes perfectly cool with a refreshing drink.

70) Insulated Water Bottles

Insulated water bottles are stainless steel bottles that have been vacuum-sealed and can hold heat or cold regardless of the ambient temperature. Insulated bottles are one of the most trendy commodities for Millennials and Gen Z tourists. Finding a good water bottle is as important as the beverage inside it. This will be your travel companion as you wander around the island.

Be if you want a sip of your rich Aklanon coffee to drink during your horseback ride in the morning or you just want a cold soda to accompany you during your boating, an insulated water bottle will help you do the job.

71) Insulated Tote Bags

While thermoses and insulated lunch boxes rely on a vacuum produced between the outer and inner layers to prevent energy loss, insulated lunch bags use a solid foam core layer to keep food and drinks warm or cold—the greater the insulation, the thicker and denser the foam. The foam layer stops heat from seeping through to the outer layer, preventing cold or heat from reaching the contents of the bag.

There will be a time that you will choose to eat a culinary meal from Station 2 for your day trip. This is where tote bags will enter. They will be the safety storage that will help maintain the deliciousness of your food.

72) Sunscreen Lotion

Sunscreens are lotions that help to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. They protect you from sunburn and early aging (such as wrinkles leathery skin). Sunscreens also aid in the prevention of skin cancer and sunburn-like skin responses. Sunspots and skin damage may appear as a result of repeated sun exposure without protection. Sunburns might take a few days or longer to cure. Sunscreen will be your precaution to prevent irritating rashes after a long day at the beach.

Therefore, whenever you have an activity anywhere in Boracay, apply sunscreen generously on your skin. Even without sun or on cloudy days, it is still best to use sunscreen since the UV is still present even without direct sunlight.

73) Beach Blanket

Laying down on the beach while stargazing is a relaxing way to spend your time. Use a beach blanket for a more comfortable and safe stay on the sands. A beach blanket is a huge piece of cloth that you can use as a mat on the beach. People will be able to relax and claim the beach as their own with this blanket. While having fun in the sun, the beach blanket helps to establish a barrier between you and the sand and other debris. There are specific classifications of beach blankets that are available in the market. There is a Turkish Towel that is very soft, a sand resistant one that will never attach a single grain, a beach mat that is solid, and a microfiber that is extremely portable.

74) Duffel Bags

The phrase duffel bag originally referred to a single form of bag that was big, cylindrical, and closed at the top by a drawstring or zipper. However, the name “duffel” (or “duffle”) bag has come to refer to any big “hold all” bag constructed of thick fabric throughout time. Duffel bags are the perfect Boracay beach bags for a day excursion due to its size. This is where you can place all your necessity for the day. All the needed accessories, gadgets, snacks will be able to fit in this industrial bag.

75) Small Bag

A new revolution in the fashion world is how huge items are now available into mini versions. Many celebrities have tried sporting is a cute accessory, and it is now becoming the new thing for most Boracay tourists. Small bags are for the short trips that you’ll go for, like your DMall shopping spree or eating out at a nearby restaurant. You won’t be filling it with items that you won’t really need. For many, all it should contain are cash, your phone, and a cosmetic that you cannot go without. From a vacationer’s perspective, it is truly easier and effortless.

76) Toothbrush

A toothbrush is an oral hygiene tool that people use to clean the gums, teeth, and tongue. It consists of tightly clumped bristles. It has a handle that facilitates the reach of areas that are commonly hidden in the mouth. This is commonly accompanied by toothpaste.

As a traveler, you deserve to have the best cleaning agent for your oral health. Always consider the size of the brush head, the softness of the bristles, the type, and it should be specifically approved by the health authority. With this, a healthy mouth and teeth are assured after eating many scrumptious meals for your Boracay staycation.

77) Mouthwash

Sometimes, a toothbrush and toothpaste are not enough for a thorough scout of your mouth. For a fresher breath, choose to have a pocket mouthwash. Oral rinse, often known as mouthwash, is a liquid preparation that is used to rinse your teeth, gums, and mouth. It generally has an antiseptic in it to destroy bacteria that dwell between your teeth and on your tongue. Mouthwash, alongside regular brushing, is a great way to combat bad breath, while others use it to attempt to prevent tooth decay. Use it whenever you are meeting someone, when you have just finished your meal, or when you just feel like it.

78) Moisturizer

A tiring day at the beaches of Boracay can take a toll on your skin. A moisturizer for the face is a lotion, cream emulsion, ointment, or balm prepared with emollients to keep skin moisturized. Moisturizers help keeps the skin’s superficial layers healthy. They seal the skin, keeping moisture and nutrients while protecting it from outside allergens. Moisturizing while on your vacation might help to prevent excessive dryness or oiliness. Both extremes are damaging to the skin and can lead to acne and other skin problems. Opt for a tried and tested moisturizer for bright and glowing skin that can make people turn their heads.

79) Hair Brush

A hairbrush is another tool to fix your hair. With so many various hairbrushes and combs to choose from, it might be difficult to decide which one is best for you. You might wish to use a specific brush depending on your hair type. For one, a hair detangler brush is for those with curly hair. Wet hair brushes are for those who have less time to fix their hair. Regardless of which, the only thing needed is the dedication to fix your hair. Style your hair with an accompaniment of different accessories for an exquisite look that you can sport wherever you are in Boracay.

80) Styling Tools

This will come in handy when you are attending a celebration in Boracay with a semi-formal theme. Styling tools include a hair blower and a hair iron. These two will let you achieve straight, silky, and volumized hair that can make you look like you have gone to a hair salon. These tools will give you the best coif for any party that you will be attending.

Choose to buy the mini or portable versions so they will not be consuming too much of your baggage during the travel.

81) Eye Mask

Some might have a problem sleeping in a continuous manner. Even for those heavy sleepers, a new location may prove to be a hurdle for an extended rest. A sleep mask, often known as an eye mask, is a simple, low-cost device that helps you sleep better by blocking out light. Artificial light, especially late at night, inhibits the body’s natural melatonin and can disrupt sleep. Melatonin is a hormone that tells your brain when it’s time to sleep. An eye mask will help with eliminating visual disturbances that will distract your sleep throughout the night. As a bonus, you will be able to sleep even in a well-lighted area.

82) Disposable Wipes

Disposable wipes are handy for a variety of purposes, including baby care, hand cleaning, feminine and other personal cleansing, removing makeup, and applying deodorants and sunless tanners. Many wipes are classified as cosmetics, but not all. It has a multitude of uses when you are outside of your island resort hotel. You can use it to wipe the dirt off your face, clean surfaces as you eat, and even when you need to use the bathroom at any time. Having to go to a public place is an unprecedented situation. Do not forget your wipes so you can go all the way comfortably.

83) Beach Towels

A linen beach towel swiftly absorbs moisture and dries quickly. It is inherently antimicrobial, so it eliminates rather than promotes smells as you use it in your body. This useful item is small and light enough to fold into the size of a beach book. Therefore, you can bring it every time you fancy a swim or a dip in a private pool. It is long-lasting and softens with each wash, so it will only get better. Two-person can fit in one beach towel, so you do not need one for each of the travelers.

Most Boracay hotels provide free towels and linens for their guests’ use. Best to bring your own towels if you have specific allergens to generic laundry soap or fabric conditioners.

84) Face Masks

This has been one of the most important items in this pandemic era. One of the most efficient ways to stop the virus from spreading is to wear a face mask or another face covering that covers your mouth and nose. The face-covering helps to prevent the infection from spreading by trapping viral particles in respiratory droplets.

Face masks are as effective when they are properly worn – over your nose and mouth – and managed. Always have a whole box of face masks so you can have a supply for the entire duration of your Boracay stay. Wear it when going outside and always follow the regulations set by the local government unit.

85) Light Snacks

Snacks are little portions of food you can eat between meals. Snacks are available in a number of formats, including packaged snack foods and other processed foods, as well as items prepared at home using fresh ingredients. Undoubtedly, they are essential while traveling since they are like the first aid of the stomach. As an example, you will need snacks as you go island hopping, or you just had an urge for a late-night craving.

Make the most out of Boracay and choose traditional delicacies that can also be a snack. Dilis and dried mango will surely make you buy for more as you have tasted its deliciousness.

86) Reusable Utensils

Plastic and disposable items are not sustainable. Boracay is part of an initiative that will support a cleaner and greener alternative for different enterprises. Help by participating in campaigning a sustainable habit for every visitor. Go green by purchasing disposable utensils that will aid you every single time. One of the recommended ones is the stainless and bamboo kinds. The wood kinds are favorable since they are biodegradable and reusable. The stainless ones are reusable for many months. Not only does it help you be hygienic, but it also helps the environment a lot.

87) Lightweight Beach Umbrella

Sunshades are another name for beach umbrellas. These umbrellas are large enough, with sizes ranging from 6 to 13 feet. The objective of these umbrellas is to offer you much-needed sun protection. When you’re at the beach, you can unwind peacefully under them. They are collapsible so that you can carry them about with ease. They also have an anchor that will be sand-hooked as you settle on a single location. There is also a wide option to choose from but always choose the ones that can withstand UV rays. This is another protection while relaxing on the shoreline of the island.

88) SPF Lip Balm

Lips, like the rest of your body, will also need protection from the sun’s harnful rays. In fact, they are more susceptible and prone to damage since the cover layer is thin and fragile compared to other body parts. SPF lip balms are considered a daily need since they help shield lips from skin cancer, aging, and dryness.

To select the best SPF lip balm, look for products with at least SPF 30 and extremely moisturizing ingredients that will leave your lips smooth and supple. Depending on your lip and skin sensitivity, you may want to avoid strongly fragranced alternatives since they may irritate your lips and cause allergic reactions.

Hobbies and Entertainment To Keep You Busy On The Island

89) Frisby

A flying disc, also known as a Frisbee, is a gliding toy or athletic object that is typically made of injection-molded plastic and is around 8 to 9 inches (21 to 25 cm) with a prominent lip. It is the main component for throwing and catching in flying disc activities, both recreationally and competitively. With the vast expanse of sandy dunes in Boracay, this will be amusing entertainment in the spacious area of White Beach together with your siblings and friends. The wind and temperature are suitable and will energize you for a little exercise.

90) Goggles

For a better view of the underwater kingdom of Boracay, you will be needing goggles. Goggles or safety glasses are types of protective eyewear that enclose or cover the region surrounding the eye to keep particles, water, or chemicals out. You will be able to take sight of new species of fishes that only resides in the Philippines. Do not be afraid to invest in expensive goggles rather than a cheap alternative since the visions that you will take in is worth all the cash and money spent.

91) Snorkel

A snorkel is breathing equipment for swimmers and surface divers that consists of a tube that bends out of the mouth. When worn, the tube extends above the water’s surface and permits swimming or continuous use of a face mask without lifting the head to breathe. There is an option to rent it in a snorkel shop, but buying this will save you time and money. Remember that you will also be placing it in your mouth, so it’s better to be sure of where it really came from. Essentially, if you buy your own, you can use it at any time the urge of snorkeling hits you, even in your hotel’s pools.

92) Book

Along with the summer sun comes a lot of opportunities to broaden your mind with new information from a book. Having a good book is like having good company with a lot of stories to tell. Find one that you are eagerly anticipating reading. Whether it is a juicy novel, inspiring non-fiction, or a magical exploration into a different dimension, everything will be a fulfilling pursuit. The beach will be a wonderful backdrop for the activity. There is a quiet portion of the beach, such as Puka and Station 3 so you can read books in solitude. There are also laidback bars that you can pass the time in.

93) Diary/Journal

A diary is a personal journal in which you keep track of your thoughts, feelings, and happenings. It is usually organized in chronological order. This is the chronological sequence in which the events you’re writing about occurred. Diary is your memento, and witness how exciting and thrilling it is to be on Boracay. Keep a log of your daily activities as a form of self-actualization. By writing a diary, you will be able to discover more about the feelings that will help you navigate your everyday life. It is also a nice reservoir of your memories and private thoughts that you can also look back to in the future.

94) Inflatable Floats

A swimming float, also known as a pool float or floaty, is a device that is used for toddlers and other very young children who are learning to swim, as well as for therapeutic or training purposes during exercise. These gadgets, which come in a variety of forms and sizes, will help children stay afloat or simply to have fun floating. It’s either you know how to swim or do not. For those who do not, having afloat is a fantastic swimming accessories addition. Look for cute and stylish designs to accompany your swims. Age doesn’t matter also applies when enjoying the seascapes.

95) Card Games/Board Games

A card game is any game that is played with playing cards as the primary mechanism, whether traditional or game-specific.This type of activity is a fun way to bond and share laughter. Have a round or two before bedtime to consume all those remaining adrenaline. Having a deck of cards to play with your friends will be a lot more enjoyable while you’re relaxing on the island. Play some Truth or Dare under the bonfire, have fun with a few drinks as you play Uno. Card games are as good as any other games for a bunch of teenagers and young adults.

96) Magazines

A magazine is a publication that caters to a wide range of interests. A periodical is a publication that is published on a regular basis or at regular intervals. The majority are published monthly, although others are released weekly, fortnightly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Publishers used to just print them, but they now exist in electronic form as well. Like the books, the magazine will be a reading exercise and get you familiar with topics like fashion and arts. It contains various information more than the credit that you usually give it to.

Other Items You Need On Your Boracay Checklist

97) Free Spirit

You only live once, and getting to Boracay is definitely one of the best moments. Spend it without worrying about anything. Leave your stress and doubts on the plane and tackle them after the vacation. Better yet, bury them in the sands. Let the wind guide you for the splendent trek that is waiting for you.

98) Positive Attitude

Always be optimistic regarding the situation. Always hope for the best, and there’s a good chance that it will happen. When things go not as planned during your Boracay vacation, as they sometimes do, do not despair and feel gloomy. Everything will be solved with just a little creativity and optimism. Negativity? Girl, bye next.

99) Courage

Be ready to push yourselves to the limit. The first try will always be the hardest, so take a leap of faith and try something new. Some ventures and activities on the island may appear impossible but bear in mind that many people have also thought that it’s impossible, but they made it after all.

100) Company

A company does not necessarily mean a group of friends or family. Indeed, it will be fun to have a few other people with whom you can share the experience. Nonetheless, you, yourself, are also a company. You can accompany yourself to Boracay if this is what will make you happy. To each his own.

The Boracay Checklists For Millennials Tourists

This Boracay checklist is comprehensive and detailed. If you will be able to bring all of it, having a blast on your vacation is assured more than a hundred percent chance. Start preparing and pack all of the above-mentioned items one by one to get your holiday-on on the island of Boracay

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