March Philippine Travels: Where To Travel In March?

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November 16, 2021
Aaron Lowel Santomin
Where to travel in the Philippines during the month of March. (Image credit: Pexel)

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The Philippines is a Southeast Asian archipelagic country with over 7,640 unique islands across the Pacific Ocean. Blessed with lengths of immaculate white sand beaches, the Philippines is bordered by crystal blue seas due to its lengthy coastline. Because of this intrinsic wonder, the country was dubbed as the Pearl of the Orient, a fitting name for the gemlike bounties it can offer to anyone who wants to travel the Philippines, not only in March but any time of the year.

Where in the Philippines can you see circular fireworks by the sandy beach shore not only during March?
March: the Fire Prevention Month. (Image credit: Adobe Stock)

The country indeed has it all, from world-renowned natural wonders such as underground rivers and rice terraces to incredible diving spots rich in biodiversity. The Philippines boasts colorful public transportation, unique cuisine, vibrant festivals that showcase the country’s colorful culture and heritage. More than that, the locals are incredibly delightful and are just some of the happiest citizens in the world.

Traveling the Philippines in March?

A local traveler searching on the Internet for the best time to go to the tropical paradise may not find March at the top of the search results. The usual high time for tourists is from November to February. Nonetheless, traversing the seas during the third month of the year offer a different pleasurable feeling than going with the usual route of high season.

Trippers need not worry as they can still get the best of their vacation. The first month of the spring happens to be a tropical month for the haven. The average high temperature in March is 31.2°C (88.2°F), while the average low temperature is 23.8°C (74.8°F). The average heat index is approximately at 38.8°C (101.8°F), which takes into account the actual air temperature and relative humidity.

In March, the average sea temperature is 27.3 degrees Celsius (81.1 degrees Fahrenheit). Everyone considers water temperatures between 25°C (77°F) and 29°C (84.2°F) to be quite pleasant and comfortable. Water activities are enjoyable at these temperatures without becoming unpleasant for lengthy periods of time—all the more reason to plan for a March vacation getaway. The final question is where can you travel to the Philippines in March?

8 Astounding Location in the Philippines for Your March Travel Vacation

1) Donsol, Sorsogon

For anyone looking for marine discovery, the whale shark encounter has been Sorsogon’s major tourist attraction and economic engine for more than a decade. Tourists from all over the globe come to Donsol to swim with and interact with these gentle giants of the sea, locally known as “Butanding,” the world’s largest fish, which may grow to 18 meters long, weigh up to 40 tons, and live up to 100 years. They feed on plankton, krill, and young fish. Due to the outstanding facilitation, it was awarded the “Best Animal Interaction in Asia” by the Times Magazine.

Another activity loved by tourists is Firefly Watching in Sorsogon. A magical experience where you may see a swarm of male fireflies flashing their lights to lure females. Local Sorsogon fishermen will take you on a peaceful paddle down the Donsol or Ugod rivers, where you will see the magnificent display of lights created by hundreds of fascinating little creatures.

Diving with the butanding will be a better experience during March as the water temperature is moderate. People will have more time analyzing the miracle of life under the sea. Moreover, fireflies are more active during the humid and hot season, so adventurers can see the brilliant glow of light more distinctly when they decide to cross the river during this time.

2) Kawasan Falls, Cebu

Kawasan Falls will definitely be at the top of the spot for the best waterfall on which explorers will lay their eyes. There are three levels that you can wander on the tourist spot. The first one, which is the most famous, has turquoise blue water and picturesque sceneries. It also has a restaurant, a life-west rental, and lockers as well. Head to Level 2 and enjoy more pristine blue waters with a touch of virgin nature. Level 3 is reachable by walking towards the dam. A sacred pool of liquid will welcome you as you enjoy a little tour of the jungle.

Aside from usual swimming in March, vacationers in the Philippines can also travel to Kawasan to try canyoneering which includes some swimming and climbing some rocks along the way. Swinging on Level 3 is highly recommended to experience an adrenaline rush that you will never forget.

During March, fewer people are visiting the tourist attraction. There will be less crowd so trekkers can enjoy some quality peace with their loved ones surrounded by the bosom of nature. The amenities are also cheaper this month.

3) Boracay Island, Aklan

March Philippine Travels: Where To Travel In March? Wherelse but Boracay?
Pinnacle Resort & Villas welcomes you to the Vacation Capital of The Philippines, the Island Of Boracay. (Image credit: Pinnacle Boracay)

Because of its wonderfully fine white sand and crystal blue seas, the Island of Boracay is widely popular. This is the main reason why Boracay has become so popular with tourists. If you haven’t seen the stunning natural landscape that every Filipino is proud of, the experience is never complete. Every beach on the island offers a unique experience that will make you realize you can never have enough of it. Boracay vacationers who have had the privilege of spending time in paradise have their tales to tell about their most memorable beach experiences.

When you opt to go along the shores of Boracay, boredom is a thing of the past. Exciting events are continually waving throughout the day, with little respite. As the night comes, you should see booming parties and spectacular socializing on every corner of the island. There are several activity options available for various crowds. The only thing left to do is have a good time and yield to the retreat’s fascinating impulses.

Choosing to travel to Boracay in the Philippines in March permits you to enjoy the islet in greater seclusion and calm. The best hotel accommodations are marketing their offering at very low rates. Because the beaches are almost totally yours, you will be able to rest and meditate to your heart’s content. There is no need to queue on activity lines or wait for your turn in the restaurants as you will always have a spot this month.

4) Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island, like a vanished Atlantis, emerges from the sea in the Philippines. The volcanic island is covered in thick, green rainforest, with peaks that climb out of blue seas surrounded by hundreds of white sand-ringed islets.

Camiguin is a beach-paradise lover reachable from the mainland by six miles of Gingoog Bay’s turquoise seas. It stays relatively untouched compared to the other more popular islands in the Philippine archipelago. Prepare for bright flashes of green, blue, and white as you travel and sightseeing in Camiguin. Miles of trekking routes travel deep into rainforests and up to volcanic mouths or dip your toes into powdery sand that fades into quiet, clear water.

December to February is a big no when you will consider roaming the island of Camiguin. The offset of monsoon makes the weather unpredictable. Rainfalls are to be expected, so stayers will not be able to enjoy Camiguin in its greatest condition. Eliminating other alternatives, March takes home the best month to travel to Camiguin Island in the Philippines.

5) Siquijor

Siquijor, also known as the ‘Island of Fire,’ is a small island 30 kilometers southeast of Negros, 30 kilometers south of Cebu, and 30 kilometers southwest Bohol. It is renowned as the “Island of Magic” since it is supposedly home to witches and a plethora of strange occurrences. However, the only thing mystical about Siquijor is its extraordinary visuals. After Camiguin and Batanes, it is the Philippines’ smallest province. Siquijor, like these islands, has stunning landscapes and seascapes.

There are available coastal and mountain tours in the province. In a sense, it truly has the best of both worlds. The waves from the beach are calm so you can enjoy a variety of water sports. Trippers can easily hike the mountain in Siquijor and discover the vibrant flora and fauna of the jungle.

March is almost in the middle of the year, a prime month to travel the Philippines. One may find himself stressed and pressured by the noise and pollution of city life. Siquijor can be a great detox from the bustle and hustle, and enjoy the time of your life. Internet connection is not as good compared to other places, so you can focus on yourself, your family, and having a blast in this underrated heaven.

6) Pasig City

If you dig more of an urban exploration rather than natural, then this is for you. Pasig has evolved into a trendy, contemporary destination with plenty of fascinating things to do as a result of its reputation as one of Metro Manila’s most prominent corporate areas. Many residents chose to live here because of the large parks, family-friendly attractions, and historical landmarks. Explore Pasig’s malls, museums, and landmarks on your visit to Metro Manila.

Visit Pasig Cathedral to learn more about the region’s history. Pasig was founded in 1572 by Augustinian immigrants, and it has retained a vibrant religious culture ever since. Parts of this Baroque cathedral date back to the founding of the city. Visit Pasig with your entire family. A zip line, skate park, and boating lagoon are all available at Rainforest Adventure Park. Take your kids to the playground after a stroll around the botanical gardens. Pasig Zoo, a lush environment with an aviary and petting area, is also located in this park in Pasig.

Lucky for those music lovers, a festival for music commences during the third month. The Summer Music Festival brings together singers, pianists, violinists, bandleaders, and music teachers with the common goal of keeping classical music and “kundimans” alive. At this event, artists and music lovers gather at the Pasig City Museum to listen to and appreciate the music of classical artists as performed by their fellow Pasigueos, with the overall goal of reviving Pasig’s great musical tradition.

7) Davao City

Travel to Davao in March and check in to The Pinnacle Hotel And Suites during your Philippine vacation
The Pinnacle Hotel And Suites are at the heart of Davao City. (Image credit: Pinnacle Davao)

Davao is bountiful of natural resources, making it an ideal location for nature lovers. It is home to the Philippine Eagle, for starters. The Philippine Eagle, often known as the Monkey-Eating Eagle, is an endangered native to the Philippines. Pomelo, rambutan, lanzones, and durian are just a few of the must-try fruits found in the region.

Mount Apo, the Philippines’ tallest peak and volcano, is also located near Davao. The mountain is a popular climbing destination due to its elevation and pure beauty. Mount Apo will be a fantastic trekking journey if you’re an experienced hiker. If you wish to visit a tropical paradise that is only an hour away from the conveniences of a metropolis. Davao City would undoubtedly enchant you.

“Araw Ng Dabaw” is a city-wide festival commemorating Davao City’s anniversary is held every March, which draws both local and international guests. The famed Mutya ng Davao beauty pageant, held on the 15th at the Davao City Recreational Center, kicks off events several days before the celebration. A Civic Parade will take place on the 16th, beginning early in the morning. A Philippine festival is not complete without food. So, prepare your tummy by munching different Filipino dishes offered by the locals.

8) Sagada

The country is popular worldwide for its exquisite sea, beaches, and all about the wonders of the seascape. However, Sagada does not have any of those. It does not mean that you won’t be refreshed and energized as you decide on pointing on Sagada.

It does, however, boast beautiful green mountains, cold pine-scented air, first-class food, addicting local coffee, stunning rice terraces, soothing waterfalls, and an abundance of adventure sports. The Igorot people of Sagada, rich in indigenous culture, are extremely proud of their traditions and have battled hard to preserve them, including their peculiar form of burial, which entails hanging coffins from cliffs. Sagada in the Philippines is worthy of a travel visit in March just for that.

Traveling amidst the year is something that your savings may not be agreed to. Nonetheless, Sagada offers a budget-friendly option for those who have this dilemma. Backpacking in Sagada in March is a great idea for your Philippines trip, whether you’re searching for a calm getaway or a thrilling outdoor experience. There are numerous activities in Sagada, and it is also one of the most affordable destinations to visit. Hike in lush mountains or explore an eerily good cave system. Climb some rock formation and sip a local cup of coffee. Indeed, this will hit the spot.

Don’t Overthink and Start Planning

Overthinking can ruin one of the greatest joys of travel which is spontaneity. You have heard enough of how magnificent your journey in the Philippines could be. The word magical is not enough to express the experiences that you and your peers will be able to have once you get in there. Enough of all the small talk, and reserve your flight for your March tropical endeavor.

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