Travel Tips on How To Enjoy Your Boracay Vacation Alone

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September 28, 2021
Aaron Lowel Santomin
Walk in Boracay’s white sands while enjoying your vacation alone. (Image credit: Adobe Stock)

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Traveling to Boracay alone is an exhilarating and challenging experience. A traveler can discover more about himself as he ventures on his journey. Knowing the island, meeting strangers, eating unique foods, and getting to know the local culture are just some of the perks. There is a spark of excitement to know that you can be on your own and that you alone can decide on everything. If you plan for solo exploration, going to Boracay for a travel vacation alone is a present you can reward yourself.

The modern arch of the Main Lobby, perfect to greet you on your solo vacation at Pinnacle Boracay
Welcome to your solo leisure vacation at Pinnacle Resort & Villas. (Image credit: Pinnacle Boracay)

Boracay is a land of enthusiasm and buzz. Day and night, the island is as lively as ever. The sands on the beaches are pure magic as ever. Nature is always bountiful in Boracay. This is why travelers and tourists are flying from different parts of the world just to have a glimpse of this paradise.

What To Do With Just Yourself?

Solo, couples, family, friends, and colleagues, all types of tourists are welcomed and embraced by the locals of Boracay. There is no reason to not enjoy what the island can offer just because you are a company of one. Read below and learn about the things you need to know to make your travel vacation to Boracay alone an unforgettable tropical holiday bonanza.

1) Keep the baggage to the essentials

Lifting and taking the weight of all the baggage is one of the challenges of being a lone tripper. It is unwise to bring all the items from home as it tiring and inconvenient. Most of the time, overpacking causes problems in inspection on ports and terminals. Moreover, not all the things you will bring will be usable in your journey. That is why solo explorers should learn to only bring a few spare clothes, a basic hygiene kit, slippers, medicines, necessary documents, and others that they cannot live without. This tip will provide comfort and ease of travel for adventurers that will go on a vacation to Boracay alone.

2) Share a room with a fellow vacationer at fabulous hotels

Finding the best island resort hotel is part of the adventure. Looking for amazing deals and amenities adds another layer of excitement to your adventure. The Boracay Island is home to top-notch lodgings and accommodations offering superior comfort and safety. Staying at local inns and hostels is not the only way to spend the ultimate vacation experience. Spoil yourself once and try booking a room at prestigious resort hotels with high-class customer service. Staying in luxury hotels is an experience that you will never regret.

To save some cash, sharing a room with backpackers or another tourist might be a good idea to enjoy the facilities without worrying much about the cost that it will incur. It is also an awesome way to meet new friends in your solo staycation.

3) Apply sunscreen lotion when going out

Take advantage of Boracay’s gorgeous white beaches and great weather all year round. Because the Philippines is so close to the equator, the climate is tropical. For many international tourists, enjoying the blessing of the sun is a privilege that only lasts a few months, but here on the peninsula of Boracay, the mesmerizing heat lasts virtually the entire year.

Travelers may not notice that they are utterly exposed to heatwaves when bathing to the blessing of sunlight. Extreme exposure may cause skin damage like burns and wrinkling. To prevent its effect, applying sun protective lotion should be the norm when taking a stroll to the sandy white beaches.

4) Stay hydrated

Dehydration is an imminent hurdle by being at the beach. This is a matter of concern when choosing to stay at the Island of Boracay. The average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius so feeling thirsty is a normal response. The heat may be enlivening but the body needs to be supplemented with enough fluids to function properly. Therefore, this sensation should not be ignored by anyone.

As a pro travel tip, especially if you will have a vacation to Boracay alone, always bring a refillable tumbler to have a portable and go-to drink when the sun takes its toll. Fill it with cold water to continue enjoying the wonders of Boracay without getting thirsty. There are also countless sari-sari (mini) stores on the island where you can buy different beverages like cola or even fresh fruit juices.

5) Leave at the lodging anything you don’t want to lose

Take your slice of the island pleasure without overthinking where you put all your things. Forgetting items is one of the most common problems faced by single travelers because no one is there to remind them to organize it.

The primary solution lies at the island resort hotel where the vacationer is staying. Solo tourists must practice leaving all their important items at the hotels. It is to ensure that they will not misplace and forget where it was. It is better to take the extra step than making multiple-step backward when things start missing.

6) Rent a bike

You do not need to be concerned about transportation because Boracay will provide you with a traffic-free environment. There are numerous bike rental shops located around the island of Boracay. Renting a bike is also available at several hotels for those who want to enjoy the fresh air while exploring. Because of the scale of the island, an afternoon of cycling will enable travelers to see the entirety of paradise.

7) Know yourself more by meditating

A solo vacation is also about making a deeper connection with yourself. Relaxing and thinking about your life is one of the greatest pleasures of being in an all-nature sanctuary. Boracay is even named as the number one relaxing island by The cold breeze and the splash of waves complement the peace-making agenda by realizing how magnificent life is.

For those people looking for some quiet and relaxing time, meditation is a popular activity on the island. Sit down and be one with nature by doing exercises and venturing on the beach area. Be amazed just how all the stress you had will disappear. There is also some various wellness retreat for those recovering from emotional trauma. Everyone can also participate in morning routines, like Yoga and Tai Chi, offered in some parts of Boracay.

8) Swim at every beach and try island-hopping

Enjoy the sands of the Beaches of Boracay on your vacation travel
Enjoy the shoreline of the Beaches of Boracay by yourself. (Image credit:

The beaches of Boracay are what make it known around the world. Its extraordinary white sand is a must-see. The azure waters are out of being ordinary. Every tourist from around the globe is looking forward to seeing these paradise wonders. There is no reason to not enjoy it even when you are on a solo travel vacation, alone by yourself on the Island of Boracay.

Be it you want a lively, rustic, or even a quiet beach area, there is a right seashore for you. Explore White Beach to see the main attraction of the islet. Go to Puka Beach to appreciate the purity and divinity of Mother Nature. There are 17 beaches around the island specializing in different activities, more of it later in this article.

9) Eat the famous seafood

The scenery is not the only thing that makes Boracay irresistible. The mouthwatering and luscious cuisine of the region also makes it a favored tourist spot locally and internationally. Station 2 has a wide variety of seafood restaurants, owing to the abundance of fish, shellfish, and other delicacies in the seas surrounding the Philippines. Because the fruits of the sea can be prepared in so many various ways, the restaurants that serve them are also aplenty. You won’t be able to choose between a simple barbeque and a complex meal with exotic herbs. All of the dishes are prepared fresh and infused with passion.

10) Give extreme activities a shot

For adrenaline junkies looking for an energy booster that can only be experienced alone, Boracay has a multitude of amusement for every explorer level. No amount of money can be compared to the fun that adventurers will be feeling once they tried what the sanctuary can offer.

The back beach (Bulabog) is the most popular destination when it comes to kites and windsurfing. This just proves how perfect the blow of the wind is to ease the nerves of trippers. Snorkeling is a great option to discover the thriving marine life of the island. Meet the endemic species living underwater by going scuba diving. Lastly, witness the mighty terrain of paradise from above by trying on paragliding.

11) Create a travel journal

Travelling is where you can experience many firsts. Memories and events that are worthy of recollection and reminiscing. The retreat is not an exception. There are a million things to try when in the vicinity and this means that there are millions of things to write about. The journal will serve as the reservoir of all the joyful “firsts” of the travels. Write how stupefying the beaches are, how you fell in love with the scenery, and do not forget to note how badly you want to come back. Surely, when stayers look back after all those years, they will remember their will to return to this haven.

12) Get to know someone with the same interest

The good thing about staying at a well-known tourist destination is that there is a multitude of people out there. A solo traveler is not the only one enjoying their alone time. However, having a companion will not hurt. Meeting new people will always be a fun adventure. You will learn a lesson, broaden your perspective, and will certainly be entertained by fellow travelers enjoying their stay. There are many places in Boracay where you can mingle.

Wherever you look, there will be someone on the island eager to know more about you. Do not be afraid to approach and open up about some random topic. Grab a few drinks and share a good laugh. This may be an opportunity willed by the island for the solo to become a duo.

13) Go for henna tattoos

The duration of the stay is intended in showcasing the mighty and bold personality of every tourist. Having a tattoo is proof of the commitment to enjoy life as it is because there is no take two in life. Locate some tattoo studios around the White Beach or Talipapa Market to manifest your artistry. Your imagination is the limit. From shapes to animals, anyone can have any design they fancy. Tourists need not worry as the tattoo artist comes with years of experience. In addition, the ink is temporary so it is safer than the real one, cheaper too.

14) Take photos of the landscape

Pictures are worth a thousand words. It is always delightful to have a visual record of the occasion where people had their delightful moments. It is to be cherished and to be kept as a core memory. Every location on the island is worth capturing. Aesthetic and picturesque sights are abundant.

Always bring a camera with you to snap an image of the best landscapes. The sea as the backdrop is enough to make every single subject beautiful. Wait for the “golden hour” of the sunset to have Instagram-worthy pictures.

15) Party non-stop at night

The number one haven for relaxation award is not the only recognition that Boracay possesses. Based on 113,000 respondents around the world, the island is the number three location for nightlife in Asia. It deserves the title because of lively clubs and bars dominating the island light every night.

There are different bar options for various party appetites. You can easily find these establishments around Station 1 and Station 2 so to find the perfect fit, one can try club hopping. Meet wild and fiery people and be ready for a night full of beers and cocktails.

The greatest approach to get boredom out of your system is to feel the fresh air from nature. Furthermore, you can get some exercise to burn off all the calories gained by giving in to your eating desires.

16) Buy customized souvenirs

Vacationers need some mementos of their trip to paradise so look for one-of-a-kind souvenirs that will allow you to recollect your stay in Boracay. There are a wide array of souvenir items to buy for diverse individuals. There are custom shirts and outfits available with designs that are just fantastic. If you’re looking for something to eat, sweet local delicacies and desserts are available for to-go. If an explorer wants to go big, traditional instruments and rattan furniture are a great addition to their house arrangement.

17) Get to know a local!

The best way to feel the warmth while being alone is to not be distant and welcome the embrace of hospitality from the locals. Immersing oneself in the etiquettes and culture of the place will create a valuable memory about your travel. Engrossing and appreciating the wonders that Boracay can offer is what makes it extra special than any other venture you can experience.

Is Alone Better?

Many may not realize but high-caliber personal time is a much-needed affair. A travel vacation to Boracay alone is someting you might want to try. Worry not because boredom is something that travelers will never come across during their stay in Boracay. Even if you have no companion, every single second will be as colorful and eventful. Once you’ve tested it, soon you’ll realize that you have been purchasing single tickets far more frequently than you anticipated.

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