Valuable Travel Tips for Families Vacationing to Boracay

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September 17, 2021
Aaron Lowel Santomin
Fun activities for parent and kids in Boracay: playing in the beach sand (Image credit: Freepik)

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Vacationing in Boracay with your loved ones is fun multiplied by the time spent together. Family vacation is a whole new experience compared to traveling alone as you be catering to the needs of each member of your clan. One should be prepared for every possible scenario and expect a few challenges along the way. Nonetheless, the best thing about it is that everyone in the family will have a memorable time to share and cherish for the rest of their lives. To give you a few ideas on what to expect when you go on a family vacation in Boracay, read on for some helpful travel tips we compiled to guide you on your journey.

First off, traveling to a tropical paradise like Boracay is a great place to be with loved ones. Enjoying nature and its landscape will help the family bond closer together. Experiencing the stunning sunset and crystal-clear waters of Boracay with your parents and sibling will make great mental mementos worth remembering. The white sand beaches of Boracay will be the medium of creating deeper connections between each other.

How to Make Your Boracay Family Vacation Work?

Family vacation and Boracay's beach sand: a good combination
Family vacation and Boracay’s beach sand: a good combination. (Image credit: Adobe Stock)

Exploring the world with your family group need not be stressful and inconvenient. Take note of these important travel tips and hacks for your family vacation in Boracay that you should always bear in mind.

1) Make a detailed plan

Most of the time, people want their trip to be spontaneous and adventurous. Yet, when tourists are with their clan, planning all aspects of the adventure is a good idea. Miscommunication may lead to problems and unwanted circumstances that may happen during your stay. Therefore, meeting beforehand with your kin and planning for things that need to be talked about will greatly help to avoid spoiling your vacation.

It might be a good idea to create a checklist of things that each wants to do and go over some directives in the location. Create an itinerary to map out your daily schedule. Assign roles for each family member so everyone will have their responsibilities as you set foot to Boracay. However, be sure to remind everyone that having fun is still a top priority on the list.

2) Always leave early

Planning for things can save you a chunk of free time. Being an early bird can give travelers a few more crucial minutes to remember things that they might have missed during the preparation. Going out late may cause problems to your flight appointment when unexpected traffic and road problems emerge.

Moreover, spare time means more rest and relaxation to you and your family. This will energize the folks and prepare them to have the best tour that they will ever have on Boracay Island.

3) Bring only the necessities

The more people in your vacation getaway, the more baggage there will be. Packing too many clothes, gadgets, huge toys for kids, and other non-essential items is not advisable when you plan to enjoy the beaches of Boracay. Not just it is inconvenient, it can also cause problems in airport inspection.

Remind everyone to only take an adequate amount of clothes and accessories based on the number of days of the trip. Bring only the things that they cannot live without like hygiene-related items and beach gear. Boracay vacationers should never worry as there are plenty of stores and shops in the tropic paradise where they can buy things they left at home.

4) Pack up basic medicines and first aid kit

There is no harm in being ready. Having basic medicines for common sickness as well as minor beach-related injuries will save you time and money. As an example, bringing decongestant and cough suppressants for colds, loperamide for loose bowel movement, and some motion sickness tablets are best recommended to have.

The medical kit kept at your house might need a slight modification to create a Boracay-specialized first aid kit. your kit should be intended for curing beach-related injuries like splinters, sand in the eyes, sunburn, jellyfish stings, and many others. It should consist of bandages and disinfecting alcohol (for wounds), saline solutions (sand in eyes), white vinegar (jellyfish stings), anti-itch creams (mosquito bites), and tweezers (splinters). It should be noted that when the injury is severe, going to the local hospital should be the priority.

5) Pre-book as much as possible

Traveling as a bunch is a time to bond and leisurely enjoy the sceneries. Long queues and waiting shenanigans should never disturb your excitement. That is why sightseers should consider pre-booking flights and having activity reservations for places they will be going into.

Not just for the flights or a ride going to the airport, it is a brilliant thought to book the hotel of your choice in advance to prevent the pressure of hotel hopping and scramming to one tiny room. If you also want to have meals at top-rated eateries in Boracay, ensuring you have reserved restaurant seats is a key to enjoying the divine meal offered at the sanctuary.

6) Consider vacationing in the summer season

The best season to appreciate the fine sand of Boracay’s beaches and make the most of the activities in the retreat is during the Philippines’ summer season. The weather is perfect for swimming and the cool breeze complements the feels. From October to June, the possibility of rainfall and weather disturbances is low. Therefore, things to do on the island will not come to a halt. This is also considered as the peak season for explorers so you should be prepared to see crowds enjoying the wonders of nature.

7) Go for the best island resort hotel with the best initiative and amenities

The sweeping swimming pools of Pinnacle Boracay
The sweeping swimming pools of Pinnacle Resort & Villas. (Image credit: Pinnacle Boracay)

Many accommodations are competing to get visitors to the tropical paradise of Boracay. Choosing the best island resort hotel is a difficult task. The lives of tourists and stayers are in the hands of the establishment’s management, and this is not an exaggeration. They’re in charge of reducing risk and coordinating initiatives. As a visitor, you should look into the hotels where you’ll be staying to assure the safety and comfort of the entire family.

Look out for lodgings with systematic and coordinated protocols for unprecedented situations like earthquakes, tsunami, and fires. Having excellent amenities is also a plus. Having a kiddie pool, high-end bar, and an amazing restaurant with a tasty buffet spread is just a few of the things to be keen on.

8) Buy snacks from the local market

Discovering local delicacies can be equated to uncovering hidden treasure. Moreover, the best companion in doing activities and island hopping is to chug on snacks. There are infinite choices of snacks for any age in every street in Boracay. If older folks fancy savory treats, chicharron, and dried fishes will leave their mouth hanging. For kids with a sweet tooth, polvoron and hopia will do the trick.

There is still more to taste as there are endless varieties of local delicacies for sale in every corner. Do not miss the chance to enjoy the different culinary snacks of the Philippines on the island.

9) Select water activities suitable for the family

No family vacation Boracay travel tips is complete without indulging in water activities. When it comes to the entertainment aspect of the place, there are countless things to do on Boracay island. From kiteboarding, scuba diving, banana boat to paragliding, and jet ski, all of these are available for everyone.

Consult each member of the household if they are up to try these adrenaline-inducing activities. Check for the age requirements if they are eligible to participate. Make sure that the youngsters and oldies do not have existing complications that may cause danger.

10) Don’t be ashamed to ask for discounts

Saving some money while traveling means more funds for doing exhilarating ventures on the island. Commonly, establishments and businesses have some promos for groups or families who will be availing of their products or services. Such family promos are perfect for broods doing and enjoying group stuff together.

Some restaurants also offer discounts by giving one free pass when you reach a certain amount of purchase. Businesses also offer special discounts for small children and senior citizens. Haggling the asking price for souvenirs and items in the market is a common thing in the Philippines.

11) Choose a restaurant with varying menu options

Surely, the visiting household will have their meals together. Travelers will never get enough of binging the esoterica of flavors and ingredients created by locals and top-notch chefs in the Island of Boracay. As you will be dining, pick a restaurant location where there is a wide array of food choices. You will be able to diversify your palate and there will also be some options if there are some foods and ingredients not allowed for your relatives.

12) Prevent burns by applying sun lotion before and after

Even though the feeling of warmth brought by the marvelous sun is refreshing and invigorating, everyone in your family should still be careful about sun overexposure. It may cause recurring itchiness and sunburns, especially in kids, upon continued unveiling.

To prevent these irritating sunburns, make it a habit to apply doctor-approved lotions and ointments that moisturize the skin. It will also help if everyone will have some handy sun lotion with them so that they can use them whenever necessary.

13) Keep eye on the waves

Swimming and sunbathing are two things that tourists love to experience in Boracay. The sea offers delight to the extent where anyone seems to forget the stress of their city life. This is the reason why some get carried away to their relaxation and fails to remember the water depths.

When swimming with children, always remind them to not go over a certain distance because it is dangerous. Be aware of the surroundings and classify safety hazards in the area. If possible, take a spot near where the lifeguards are so they can respond accordingly when there are some unwanted incidents.

14) Watch out for the children in the crowd

Always maintaining contact while on the island will ensure that every one of your family members is safe and sound. Even though Boracay is a small islet, there are still some tricky places where people may chance accidents. Each of the family members should decide when and where to meet after doing their separate activities.

Furthermore, the volume of travelers and tourists is often thick so getting lost is not out of the picture. Slipping your contact information in your child’s pocket or bag will help you a lot when you lose sight of your kids. However, being alert and aware of the surrounding is still best to prevent these things from happening.

15) Read about the island’s rules and regulations in a post-pandemic setting

To facilitate order and safety, the local government unit of the Island of Boracay raises some ordinances to mitigate the spread of the Corona Virus. This applies to all tourists going to the island. Rules and regulations stand above the establishments of the islet. It is better to read all about these things to avoid violation for the duration of your Boracay vacation.

Wearing of face mask and face shield is still required when going out and entering commercial spaces. Physical distancing is also thoroughly maintained at all times. Follow the regulations and there will be no problem in delighting yourselves in paradise.

16)Always stay hydrated

The heat of the sun should never be underestimated. Your thirst is a signal of the body to hydrate to continue processing normally. This is a feeling that travelers should always take note of. Ignore it and it may result in fainting and other possible accidents. When you travel for a vacation in Boracay with your family, one great tip is to always bring a refillable tumbler full of water to quench your thirst, especially for your little ones. If there is nothing available, look for some fruit juices sold in the streets. Not only these portable drinks will satisfy the need for liquid, but they will also cool your mind and body to continue your adventure.

17) Shop for unique and flashy souvenirs

The alleys of Boracay are home to fantastic and head-turning souvenirs. After long days of touring the island, having something that makes you remember the joy of being in paradise is another facet of pleasure. The memorabilia you can buy in Boracay will be the symbol of your family’s bond strengthened by your shared experiences.

Whatever your preference is, one will surely find something that they would want to take home. Customized shirts and dresses make a great memento from the island. Hand-woven bags are also a great gift for relatives. If someone cannot get enough of the foods, local treats suitable for traveling are sold at the market. All of these will surely be worth every penny that the family will spend.

18) Resurvey your checklist before going home

Saying goodbye to the best oasis of a tourist’s dreams will definitely be hard. It may induce some forgetfulness and separation anxiety in emotionally attached individuals. This is the reason why the checklist made before the travel should be brought forth once again. Check that all your belongings are packed in each person’s bag. Go over the documents that you will be needing when you travel back to your home. Have a final headcount and snap an aesthetic group picture by the beach.

What Are You Waiting For?

A family getaway is always fun and definitely worth your time and effort. Discovering more about your family while splurging to the wonders o Boracay will make you realize how beautiful life is. The very best family vacation Boracay travel tip is to live in the moment with your loved ones and spend valuable time with each other. The present will soon be the past. So, aside from the tips listed above, treasuring every second is the only thing that you should mind while in the Island of Boracay.

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