Top Beach Outfits for Your Boracay Summer Vacation (April-June)

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October 15, 2021
Aaron Lowel Santomin
Top Beach Outfit for Your Boracay Summer Vacation (April-June) (Image credit: Reina Carla Angeles)

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Are you looking forward to a fashionable, well-spent time while you are on your Boracay vacation? As you know, Boracay transforms into an island fashion show as it reaches peak season, from December to June. Tourists from miles around the world showcase their proud body while lounging around the beach getting some sun. Therefore, just like anyone who is excited to be on the velvety sandy beaches of Boracay, you should never miss this opportunity to dress the part. Check out these top beach summer outfits for your upcoming Boracay vacation

What Beach Outfits To Wear On Your Boracay Summer Vacation?

A family group vacationing in the shoreline of a white sand beach
Beah appropriate attire for the whole family. (Image credit: Adobe Stock)

It’s always the best time to start thinking about what you’ll wear to your Boracay rendezvous. Whether you’re going on a beach wedding, a beach date, or simply spending a peaceful day listening to the Boracay water caress the shores, being on your best self is always recommended and appreciated. Without further ado, here is a list of trendy and attractive beach attires to help you figure out what to bring to the shores of Boracay Island.

Top 10 for Men

1) Feitong Summer Beach Shirt-Strip Print Short Sleeve

Be one with Boracay by sporting its tropical charm through your shirt. This collar-strip polo has varieties for that relaxed cool vibe. The design patterns with an array of colors of tropical leaves ooze out the Boracay Holiday spirit. Its modern, casual fit is perfect to match the refreshing scenery of Boracay.

2) Men’s Kimono Cardigan, Gotal Men’s Kimono Shawl Collar Cardigan Loose Beach Swim Cover Up Open Front Drape Cape Coat

This kimono-styled shawl is one of the trendiest fashion outfits for islanders. Its appeal does not lie just on the aesthetic of the cardigan but also because of its usability. It can be used as a cover when the blistering sun of the Boracay hits. Just like the option above, the designs of this outfit go well with any undershirt or even your shirtless body.

3) Retro Swimwear

If standing out is your goal, then this choice can make every eye in Boracay stare at you. This fit is a look back to the 90’s popular beachwear in various islet places. The black and white combination is just pleasing and hypnotizing. The one-piece composition will go well with bulky and fit men to showcase their hard-earned muscles. Like what they always say: flaunt it if you have it.

4) Tribal Ethnic Beach Shirt

This Bohemian-designed shirt is hip and cool and makes a great reference to the locals of Ifugao. It goes well with matching seashell accessories and is best to showcase the tattoos of the wearer. The embroidered patterns are meticulously crafted. Pair it with shorts and you made your chic look fitted for roaming through Boracay island.

5) Men’s Fashion Long Sleeve Casual Lace Up Beach Linen Shirts

If comfortability and convenience at Boracay’s beach areas are what you desire, then this is one of the best outfits for your Boracay Vacation. The fabric is linen so it is assured that the clothing is soft and will not cause itchiness and displeasure while worn. Summer is where it is best displayed because it will cool the body of the user as the gust of wind from Boracay Island hits.

6) RisingHope Korea INCERUN Summer Mens Suit Short Sleeve Tops Shorts Beachwear

The striking color palette of these top-short combinations is what makes it different than the other ones. Not just it is eye-catching, one can also enjoy the island of Boracay to the fullest, day and night. You can wear it when trying different adrenaline-inducing Boracay activities during the day or this can be used as your fashionwear during your clubbing as the Boracay nightlife ignites.

7) Casual Contrast Color and Waist Short Set

Contrast may not be good in other aspects but it sure is when it comes to clothing. This casual fit can be your go-to summerwear beach outfit all throughout the hot summer season. Wearing this when visiting a new place like Boracay might make it a bit easier for you to make new friends and acquaintances while casually strolling the island.

8) Summer Casual Vest with Shorts

Though vests are much too ubiquitous to be considered a remarkable island beach outfit, when worn correctly, they may be ideal for guys while in Boracay. We’re not talking about the usual vests here. Alternatively, you may go for a more trendy and quirky style that would look fantastic with shorts. It not only makes you appear seductive, but it also gives you a sense of an exceptional hipster vibe.

9) Half-Sleeve Oversized Shirt

In your hectic schedule, you have already spent the majority of your time wearing such tight shirts, and you’ve had little opportunity to relax your body. In this case, a Boracay escapade allows you to untangle your body from its formal ties and squeeze it into an enormous-sized t-shirt. When coupled with the correct pair of shorts, an oversized t-shirt is not only the finest option for relaxing your body, but it can also make you look slimmer.

10) Patterned Rash Guard

Who said rash guard cannot be a fashion Boracay bear wear statement? Instead of wearing a plain, old rash guard for your Boracay outing, look for a trendy alternative. There are various choices to choose from. Choose on what you think is the best match for your personality.

Top 10 for Women

1) South Sanya Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is an excellent example of a fashionable Boracay outfit. A beach maxi dress may be dressed up with heels or down with attractive flat sandals, depending on the length of the dress. With elegant pleating and a colorful design, this dress has a beachy atmosphere yet is traditional in design. It is perfect for going to a high-end Boracay restaurant with your loved one. Consider a dress with a floral and stripe pattern to complement the bounty’s flora and fauna.

2) Off-Shoulder Spaghetti Summer Dress

If you want to look appealing but not catch too much attention while on your Boracay staycation, this mini dress will assure that your outfit is just the perfect blend. This is one of the beach outfits made are for anyone who prioritizes comfort while on their Boracay vacation getaway.

Therefore, any wearer should not feel too conscious by their looks. Lay low or party hard, anything is possible.

3) Mesh Midi Dress Women Strapless Slim Fit

This hot and fancy tight beach-ready dress can make you look like a runway model while vacationing in a tropical paradise like Boracay. The sexy exterior length of the outfit can be customized to accommodate the look that you want. Gorgeously stroll around the Boracay front beach and stunningly bathe with the vitamins of the sea.

4) Trading Zip up One Piece Long Sleeve Rashguard

Protecting your skin from rashes and burns may be a constant problem when you want to showcase your bikini body. However, with this rashguard, either your skin or fit need not be compromised as you enjoy the Island of Boracay. A sporting look and swimming gear, hitting two birds in one stone. What more can you wish for a beachwear outfit?

5) Cover Up Mesh Embroidery Bikini

If you want to show off your bikini body but still needing a little covering as you walk on the shores of Boracay, this is a simple, seductive, and elegant beach dress choice. These beach cover-ups are such a simple way to seem put-together and acceptable when going around or simply relaxing by the hotel pool. Plus, the embroidery looks very beautiful even from afar.

6) Cutout Cold Shoulder Beach Dress

For those plus-sized women going to the sanctuary, this is for you. If you want to just focus on your Boracay experience and yet still feel relaxed, this dress will solve any of your hesitations. Moreover, it still looks fashionable so you are still up to the game. There is an endless selection so you just have to pick wisely.

7) Tank Top Cali Girls Outfit

If you just want to be casual and comfortable with your fit, choose easygoing shore fits, and if you think your beach suit is too simple, you’re definitely doing it well. California tank top goes well with any shorts and shoes. It is best for those who want to try wind-surfing along the waves of Boracay’s White Beach or just window shopping along the D-mall area.

8) Hawaiian Polo Top

The Hawaiian polo top is certainly an it-girl Boracay fashion trend. It radiates the sophisticated and dapper personality of the wearer. It is a great option for those who have some romantic dates by the shores of Boracay or are meeting eligible bachelors by the cove.

9) Ladies Clothes Bohemia Style Beach Dress Women Two Piece

One of the best reasons to wear this is that it goes well with everybody. For every age and vital statistics, Bohemian fashion is a go-to choice, even for your vacation on a tropical beach like Boracay. The layering of clothes is best in small quantities, after all, it’s still Boracay. You can also add more accessories at your discretion. You can confidently show your individuality on the island.

10) Hollow Out Summer Beach Bikini

Every person has their idea of their amazing bikini and this one is more than just amazing. A bold and wild combination of colors and perfectly placed pleats, this bikini beachwear has it all. On a party night out in Station 1 or while riding a tricycle, surely, you will be the bell at the ball.

Wearing the Best Accessory

More than the beach fashion fits listed above, being confident and bold with your body is another level of sexiness. Everyone’s goal is to have fun in Boracay and that is what you should do. Forget about people’s standards and your self-consciousness. Wear Boracay beach outfits that you want and can make you comfortable while on your island vacation. Swim, drink, eat, and party hard. You only live once so do not let this opportunity be of waste. You deserve your Boracay getaway so make each moment (and outfit) count!

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